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  1. XR
    hi guys just wondering if someone can help me a little. im going to change my bash guard from my home made cheapie to something a bit stronger and ive just come across a bash guard for a sinnis apache on ebay to me the bikes look similar in body and engine so im wondering if i get this guard...
  2. Accessories
    Several types starting from around a tenner on fleabay, double mounted too! Also some single pony mountes starting around 18 quid. Anyone fitted a pair on their bike? I know they are often lacking in the weather protection side, but I can soon sort that as I used to do on my trailies 2 years...
  3. Africa Twin
    I've read around here on this. I tried the other day and only broke the ratchet of my socket set. Then I got a socket bar and tried again - can't budge the bas****. I used a long bar extension too. I tried to get an electric impact wrench but could only find air driven ones for sale. There is...
  4. Varadero
    Coming up to MOT time again and I fear that my brakes might not pass. The discs are well worn. (Checked them last year and they were less than 3mm!) If the old girl has got another long trip in her then I think I should replace the discs. Has anyone any experience of 'cheapie' replacement...
  5. Transalp
    I am away from home at the moment... Is the Transalp chain (2001) a 525 O-ring? I can possibly pick up a cheapie :)
  6. Travel
    On at the moment from last week sometime. Cheap tote bags and other odds and ends though not as good a selection as I have seen in Lidl. The cutlery sets are good though.... Tesco cheapie tents may be cheaper, but I believe the Aldi/Lidl ones will last a bit longer in wet weather :)
  7. Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Some bargains from the 16th if you are interested.
  8. Travel
    SWMBO has kindly consented to give me a pass-out in early to mid September, so I am looking... again, at a trip to the Pyrenees and/or the Alps. The dates are a bit vague at present, as I cannot go until I have finished Harvest, but I hope that this will be around the 7-10th of the month. Just...
  9. Travel
    I am hoping to go to Normandy with my 12yo lad at the end of May to spend a few days looking at the D-Day sites and having some nice meals. BUT, with the pound plummeting against the Euro, a low cost trip is creeping up if we go the B&B route as originally intended last year when i did my...
  10. Clothing
    I am sick of buying bike jackets which let in rain like a sieve. I bought my latest Rayven jkt a few weks ago and on my way down to Auvergne it rained and I got soaked starting with the sleeves. The last 3 jkts have also been crap. So now I will buy a cheapie jkt and just put on a wproof jkt...
  11. Transalp
    Hi all, Need some help looking for a cheapie bike to get the no claim back to normal (moved here from abroad and didn't have a bike registered in my name, used my wifes, bye bye 10+ yrs no claim :cry: )..... Like to buy an older transalp...price bracket ends at about 1750...if I had more I...
1-11 of 11 Results