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  1. Lowering link for a 2002 Xr400r?

    Being a vertically challenged 5’7 90kg with 30” inside leg I might need to lower my (new to me)Xr400r a tad! ive bought a second hand seat and will be sending it off to get the foam shaved down a bit and a new seat cover but think it might not be enough! Was considering a lowering link but it...
  2. Worth buying a varadero?

    Hello everyone.For the last 4 years i am on a transalp 700 that proved to be a reliable machine.I decided that is time to go to the bigger league and i am checking my options. Either i will go for a brand new motorcycle which will cost me over 15k euros or i will check for something used...
  3. MOT history check

    Africa Twin
    While checking when things run out on the bikes and cars i noticed you can check the history of the MOT's back as far as 2006 and found in 2008 (before i owned it) my RD07 failed due to the headlight aim too low how petty is that, the place i take mine to would have adjusted that free of charge...
  4. Wanted: KTM parts for fork conversion

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi All, Managed to track down a good condition pair of ktm 950 Adv forks which has literally taken years of checking ebay now and again. I was wandering if anyone had also started doing a conversion and had any ktm bits laying about. I'm after: front wheel or preferably just the hub full front...
  5. what to look for on used RD03

    Africa Twin
    Going to look at an RD03 this weekend. Any specifics to look for? I will be checking wheels/front end for play, rust issues and just overall condition. My concern more for the sprocket spline issue I suppose. Other than worn splines anything else there to look for when I check it out. Hoping...
  6. Weird electrical problem

    Dominator / FMX
    I have an electrical problem which is getting progressively worse. It started off not wanting to start on the odd occasion - unless i turned the lights on and then off again - then starter would run. then it did it all the time. Have to flash the lights before starting. Now indicators wont...
  7. Age related proof for dvla registration.

    Hi, all. Don't know where to post this. Honda UK, can't age proof my bike, ( too old) they have pointed me to a Honda club as a possible way of checking and age relating the bike. frame number and engine number. I have spoken to David silvers, who has provided some info and also pointed me to a...
  8. XR600 Choke plate??

    Hello. Bought my first XR today, I got it at a good price as its hard to start in cold weather due to the choke plate being removed. Apparently previous owner removed it as they can break up causing serious problems. After checking google, i see this is a common problem. I did get the bike...
  9. knocking from front brakes

    Hi My bike has been standing unused for about a year. I have just dusted it off and was checking it over prior to the MOT and there is a quite loud knocking coming from the front disc/brakes. I am sure its the brakes as if I remove the caliper and spin the wheel it goes completely. Also if I...
  10. Need help with fork conversion

    Hi everyone got myself a 2000 plate xr 400, it's had a crf fork conversion done. Now my question is can someone help me please and measure from the ground to say the dip stick or somewhere. I want to make sure that due to the forks being changed when I'm checking the oil it's accurate and...
  11. Buying advice 650 TA

    Hi all I am off the view a 55 plate 650 TA with 48000 miles on the clock, from the pics its looks tidy. This will be my 1st "big" bike after having a vespa for the past 2yrs, is there anything specific I should be checking / looking for. thanks in advance. Graeme
  12. Yamaha DT125 LC3

    1986 Yamaha DT 125 LC3. I need to locate the two bolts that hold the front brake caliper onto the forks because jnr forgot to tighten them up when he was checking his brake pads for wear a couple of weeks ago. They both fell out on the way to the mot place so they need to be replaced. I found a...
  13. New (old) RD04 service tasks

    Africa Twin
    I suddenly realised I have been riding my recon RD04 for 12,000 miles. Effectively that is 12,000 miles from new (even though the engine had done 65,000 before the recon). I have changed the oil and oil filter three times in that 12,000 miles but done nothing else - just abused it. I'm going...
  14. Missing oil blanking plug

    I'm just beginning the rebuild of a 1981 XL500R. Checking out the lower engine casing I spotted what looked like a missing oil blanking plug. There are two drillways which connect the input and output of the oil pump. Suction is plugged but pressure is open. Checking cases on eBay I see that...
  15. XL500 R Carb?

    Hello, im new to the forum and had a question about a bike i started rebuilding, the bike is a XL500 R Paris-dakar edition (1983 i think?) when i got the bike it was in regular condition, not running as some parts where missing, unluckily the carburetor is one of them. After checking around the...
  16. RD07 Front rim offset. ????

    Africa Twin
    Guys, some help please. Is the front rim on an RD07 offset when fitted? I'm guessing no as it would make for some interesting steering and handling issues. I've just got around to fitting my replacement front wheel to the AT. I bought it second hand and it's been relaced with new spokes before...
  17. Anyone still on here?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all - just wondering how active this still is - I have to admit to not checking in as often as I used to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Is this hole supposed to be there??? 600

    Hi! Just you guys have a small hole on the underside of your exhaust? It's a 1996 600....I am patching the old exhaust up before paint and found this hole. It's perfectly round so thought I would check if it's supposed to be there before filling it. :rolleyes:
  19. 89 Trans Alp Woes "need help"

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Why does this 89 Trans Alp run so bad…a new cdi,new plugs and misses badly above 3500rpm.Recently ran completely out of gas (reserve too) NO IT"S not my bike but I said it would ask.Checking manual but can anyone help..any advice would be appreciated!
  20. Nee help, please!

    Need help, please! Hello I have just had my 650 TA engine fully rebuilt, I put the bike back together over this weekend checking everything along the way with help from Haynes. The bike is just refusing to start, the engine turns over without any issues, fuel is getting to the carbs but for...