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  1. 16K Valve Clearance

    Having just been quoted 6 hrs labour at £60 an hour for a 16K service, I ask is it worth having valve checks on a low revving back, hardly a supersport Any one done it themselves , any tips? 2006 A6 Vara with 16, 500 on the clock - I should have it taken off me for scandalous low use
  2. Any XR400 owner near Telford?

    I would love to have a compare between my Brazilian 2003 NX400 and a late model XR400. Also get some knowledge/guidance on valve checks. ???? The motors are essentially the same other than the NX4 has an electric foot! Frames are I think very similar, and I would like to see if the tanks are...
  3. For Sale: XR650L rear shock spring

    For Sale / Wanted
    This is a K-Tech spring that was fitted to my XR650L, it is rated at 12kg which was way to heavy for me so I replaced it with the O/E spring. It may also fit XR600R and XR400 but you need to do your own checks to make sure. £25 plus P&p or collection welcome.
  4. For Sale: XR650L Exhaust

    For Sale / Wanted
    This is the O/E exhaust system from my XR650L, it is complete apart from the heat shield. There is some surface rust but as far as I can tell no holes, it was replaced by the previous owner for a performance header/silencer. With a good wire brush and some heat-proof paint it should come up a...
  5. What happens when you play with cars...

    Saw a longer version of this the other day. It's now on YouTube in a shorter version: The longer version just has 30 seconds of car driving along hogging the outside line before the action starts. Doh!
  6. MOT Preparation

    Mechanical Advice
    I have the bike booked in for a MOT next week. I would like to do the basic checks before I take her, is there a link or a set of checks you would recommend a google search has not revealed any i would trust. :rolleyes:
  7. temp gauge

    evening all............has anyone got any ideas as to why my temp gauge ( digital bar ) on my va-4 has gone on one !! turn ignition does its checks, boot up etc and then the temp bars are staying on with the famous top one doing its flashing thang! ...........imminent bang. :Dchecked...
  8. Replacing Speedo and HPI Checks etc.

    Hope this is in the right section. Isn't so much a biketech question so thought it would be better here. I got a replacement MPH speedo from ebay a while back as I'm sick of the KMH one and those little stickers, and finally managed to find some time to fit it to the bike yesterday to give it a...
  9. The Mountie Checks his BawBags!!

    Thought I'd share this with the world . . . Taken whilst we were up at the cafe in Glenshee. Suitable caption wins . . . . . . . one of these :D :D :D :D Let the games begin :D :D :D
  10. checks?

    Dominator / FMX
    hello all. first post. just got my bike, its a 1990 in the horrific turquoise! got it for buttons so cant complain! anything i should look for? checked the air filter and usual bits but what about non-obvious things? hidden demons! all reply's welcome. great site. spent a week lookin for an...
  11. another reason to do spot checks before you ride!!!!!!

  12. another reason to do spot checks before you ride!!!!!!

    Other Bikes
    i wasout riding the other day quite happily sweeping through a left hander when i clipped a small but deep pot hole . an ass clenching moment when lent right over but the BM just shrugged it off no probs 8) 8) 8) pulled over had a quick look at the front but all seemed well. when i got up...
  13. Pre-trip checks

    Africa Twin
    Okay, the trip to Lyon is coming up in about a 10 days. Definitely the longest ride for the @ since I've owned it. Taking the tent, sleeping bags and the girlfriend. Any recommendations? Pre-trip checks? Pack a second fuel pump? :wink: