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  1. 1991 Tranny 600V spits back badly on overrun

    Anyone any suggestions please? Bloody embarrassing going through town. Cheers
  2. Sticky Throttle Cables

    Hi all, New to the forum so go easy on me... Just after some advice. I'm attempting to put some oil on my throttle cables but the cables are super tight and I'm struggling to release them. What am i missing? I have a 700. Cheers
  3. fuel relay location

    Hi I was looking for the fuel cut off relay on my 2004 TA as I'm missing the one off my AT wiring harness and wondered if this will work? trying to get things sorted so i can crank it over..Cheers
  4. wrapping rather than respray

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone on here has any experience of having a bike/bike panels wrapped? Has anyone done a diy wrap? seen some sites offering unusual wraps and was wondering how hard they are to apply and what the final look is like? cheers
  5. Are there any other direct fitting rear shocks ?

    Africa Twin
    I would like to change my rear shock ,preferably something with a little adjustment for passengers but its not a must have . i was looking at suspension units and they are expensive so i was wondering if any of the more experienced among us could shed some light of what if anything is availlable...
  6. Clicking noise from enginr

    Africa Twin
    Hello co-africans i have a problem. When mybike is on neutral and only on neutral and only when its cold and I pull the throttle I hear a clicking noise coming from the bottom right of the engine It stops after 10 minutes when the bike is better warmed. Should i worry cause i am frightened as a...
  7. Wanted: XRV750 seat wanted, 2002 model

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for a seat for RD07. cheers
  8. Africa Twin parts wanted.

    Africa Twin
    Hi has anyone got a pair of AT front engine mountings for sale or know where to get some from ,I'm currently restoring a RD07 which has been unused for a couple of years. I could also do with the exhaust heat shields ,get in touch if you can help ,Cheers
  9. rd04 front brake light....

    Africa Twin
    whilst backing June down a dark alley, i noticed the front brake light wasn't working. i replaced the switch with 2 new, & 1 off Dumbo, switched wires too. With the lights on & off, results - fully lit rear bulb then no lights when the lever is pulled in. Anyone have any ideas, before...
  10. Anyone know this bike?

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know this bike V984MOO It's been round Europe since it's last MOT!! Cheers
  11. XL185 front fork oil capacity ?

    Hi , new here , restoring a 1986 XL185 , just completed new fork seals , does anyone have the manual for this bike or similar year to get the correct fork oil capacity for both forks thanks in advance cheers
  12. 1982 XR250R Help With Vin

    G'day everyone, I'm having a hard time trying to identify my XR, every "VIN checker" website I go to none of them can identify the vin as a vin here it is: ME01-5400695, I'd like to register my xr but I wanna know if it has been stolen in the passed, if anyone can help me out I'd very much...
  13. Honda Luggage Rack

    I've just bought a second hand genuine Honda Luggage side pannier rack for a Transalp XL700. Unfortunately there are no instructions with the kit :(. As it appears that installation requires cutting into plastic, I would be grateful if anyone with the same kit still had the installation...
  14. Twin Headlight

    Hi trying to convert my xl600lmf to twin headlight.Ive managed to get hold of the correct twin headlight set up I just need a photo or diagram of the unit in situ and the mounting brackets if anyone can help.Cheers
  15. leaning front cylinder

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, quick question (again). Can I lean out my RD07A front cylinder somehow (moving needle depth, air screws...)? The spark plugs are pitch black and she hammers along at 120km/h. It sounds impressive pulling strongly through the gears but i'm sure it's not the best. Any info is really...
  16. Wanted: xr600 1996 rear wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    As above, or any other one that will fit. Cheers
  17. xl 650 v2

    hi before I strip it down and have a look does my tranny have a cat? cheers
  18. rough running

    Hi Again members, I have replaced the faulty cdi unit and all appeared good, free reving was ok, went for a ride and the old girl is breaking down under load, I replaced the plugs but still same problem, when slowly bringing the revs up out of gear it has rough spots until it gets a fist full of...
  19. xl 600 lmf decals

    Hi all, i will be buying a decal set for the lm soon and on ebay there are some sets from here in the uk and others of italian origin with the prices much and such, i just wondered if anyone could point me to the best quality, cheers
  20. CDI information

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi All, does anyone know if I need to replace a faulty CDI with the exact number replacement as I am struggling to find one with the same numbers as on the faulty one, I can find one that has the MS8 but not the CI558 , I have seen a CI553 but am not sure if that is close enough.Cheers