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  1. Registering a CRF230f

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi, I'm trying to get proof of year of manufacture for my 230 and although I've contacted Honda UK and given them the Vin number, they say that they are unable to help and have returned my cheque. Any ideas ?:(
  2. Wanted: Wanted: RD07A 'Bottom Link Fork'

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Folks I'm after a useable standard Honda rear shock bottom suspension 'Relay Link Fork' for my 1998 RD07A. If anyone can help that will be appreciated. I can pay by personal cheque in £Sterling or €Euro. I'm based in Cork but receive post in Belfast too or, collect anywhere in between...
  3. Shocking question.

    Dominator / FMX
    To celebrate my getting a job:blob6::blob5::blob4::blah5::happy2::happy2::angel5::wav:, I have decided to blow my first pay cheque on a decent shock for my flat tracker project. As Sweden is only 100 miles away, I was thinking of finding a second hand Ohlins unit online. Does any one know of any...
  4. Whealie really is a super hero.......

    Africa Twin
    It was bound to happen. You just can’t commute 50 miles a day through stationary London traffic on a ¼ tonne motorcycle and expect everybody to respect the difficulties of piloting solo. When my bike got shunted from behind by an abusive and aggressive mini cab driver in three lanes of solid...
  5. Docklands Riders youth day 9th April 2013

    got this by email today, in case anyone is interested. I took both my sons there and I was very impressed with it. Steve (the instructor) is really good with kids. Bikes and good quality riding gear was all provided and included in the price. "Hi all, Docklands Riders are holding a youth...
  6. Galloway Forest Park 2013

    Austin's Adventures
    Event now full Its on - off roading in Galloway forest. Date is the weekend of 29th/30th/31st March - that's Easter weekend 2013. Arrive Friday 29th, set up camp, socialise, eat&drink. Ride through the forest on Saturday 30th leaving at 9.30 to 10am. The ride will be about 120miles in total...
  7. The Dark Side strength it gains

    Get you cheque book out ........ BMW Unveils Water-Cooled R 1200 GS in Cologne « – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews
  8. Patrick James Memorial Treasure Hunt: Did this last year very good event worth doing

    Competitions / Trials
    This year’s Patrick James Memorial Treasure Hunt is planned for Saturday 25th August (Bank Holiday weekend) with a different format to previous hunts. You will receive the routes and plan your attack from 8am to 10am on Saturday morning, while consuming a good sized cooked breakfast to keep you...
  9. Galloway Forest meeting 2012

    Austin's Adventures
    Its on - off roading in Galloway forest. Date is the weekend of 13th/14th/15th April. Arrive Friday 13th, set up camp, socialise, eat&drink. Ride through the forest on Saturday 13th leaving at 9.30 to 10am. The ride will be about 150miles in total about half of which is on forestry tracks...
  10. Found my keys!

    Hip Hooray! I'm celebrating today! My bike keys have been missing for over a year! Ive been quite perplexed and shed many a tear! I've searched high and low. Where they'd gone I just didn't know! I thought I'd lost my mind. Hiding them so well - where no one would find! Then last night...

    Just a word of warning as I don't know if this has made the UK news yet, but don't book with Seafrance for the moment, they're in recievership. As a subsiduary (filial) of SNCF they were gouvernement subsidised ( a probably overstaffed & inefficient), Bruxelles central (european comission)...
  12. Cheque presentation

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    Hey guys, could we discuss the presentation for 2010. We need to conclude this years event properly so ideas and suggestions please
  13. H4H Cheque Presentation

    The Longest Day
    Each year we've had one of these for the relative charities. Will there be one with H4H? :confused:
  14. Cheque presentation at The Ace Cafe 20/9/09 at 11am

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    We have raised a staggering £21500 for this years Charity ride so a big thanks to all who took part and those who parted with their money to make this happen:cheers::nike:. As it stands at the moment there are about 20 peps going to this but if any one else fancies a ride out more are always...
  15. Cheque presentation at The Ace Cafe 20/9/09 at 11am

    The Longest Day
    To make it easier to track numbers as the Ace want an idea of how many of us will be attending as they have to allocate us a space (it's going to be busy that sunday as it's the annual cruiser day) I've put the event in the calander. Please add your name to the calander if you will be attending...
  16. The total so far and Cheque Presentation.

    The Longest Day
    Best as I can figure out, as of now, the tally stands at TLD Justgiving total - £6225.00 PDSquires justgiving - £1445.01 Carol Nash cheque - £3300 That's £10,970 actual cash raised. PLUS - £1423.91 in Gift Aid means we've got £ 12,393.92 so far (including the Gift Aid)...
  17. what do I do with a cheque made out to Macmillan?

    The Longest Day
    A very very generous person at work has given me a cheque for £250 for doing TLD. He made it out to Macmillan though. I have had a bit of a look but some of the threads are really long and I can't see if there was any instrctions on what to do with cheques etc and how to get this paid to...
  18. Big Fat Cheque Presentation - suggestions

    The Longest Day
    I was just thinking it would be nice to put a full stop to the First XRV Longest Day Charity Ride 2008 in some way. What I was thinking was something along the lines of, say, in 3 months time when all the cash is in, we organise a get together at Rykas with all those involved, and have, say...
  19. new cheque clearing rules

    Apparently from next week (1 December 2007) there are new rules for clearing cheques, so that after 7 working days the funds can't be claimed back. Until now, the money can be clawed back if the cheque bounces, which can happen after your bank statement lists the funds as "cleared". I think...