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  1. Hungary anyone?

    Last August me and a couple of mates went over to the Sziget music festival, which is held on a large island in the middle of the Danube in Budapest. We drove over in my campervan and clocked up over 2600 miles passing through, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and...
  2. Autumn Weather

    What a cracking weekend it's been then!! Busy Saturday morning hauling straw bales into the barns, then off to look at the prospective new steed, Missus did not want to ride pillion so went in truck, bad decison I felt but gotta keep her onside.... ;) Then late afternoon was picking Damsons...
  3. ironic....

    Yesterday, my son rescued a bird from a cat - and put it in a safe place to recover, and was giving it food, and water. We thought it was doing well, but then he found it dead. He was really upset that the little bird he'd been caring for had died, so to cheer him up, my wife went out and got a...
  4. HELP ME PLEASE (broken bike)

    please could someone help i went greenlaning erlier and my bike would not turn back on(this is the first ever time its done it and i had back indicators but no ignition or lights ) when i was at the top of the lane, luckily for me there was a guy on a ktm that got it started for me. he said to...
  5. You gotta see this :)

    Africa Twin
    Especially like the chicken :)
  6. BMW Off Road Skills

    This is a writeup I did for my local IAM rag but I thought it might be of interest to some here. There was more that a nip in the air when we all assembled in Ystalyfera, South Wales at the BMW Offroad Skills headquarters to be greeted by husband and wife team Simon and Linley Pavey along with...
  7. Thailand: Mae Sot & Mae Sariang - good roads, bad roads!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This was originally written for Thailand's motorcycle forums: apologies for assuming you may know the areas and roads...... some of you might though! Open link for pics folks: Mae Sot & Mae Sariang - good roads & bad roads ********************* So, less than 1 week to go and I’m back...
  8. Thailand: Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai Province.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This was originally written for Thailand's motorcycle forums: apologies for assuming you may know the areas and roads...... some of you might though! Open link for pics folks:! Just...
  9. Auvergne 2012 chasing the usual suspects

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    we went to the Auvergne last year but due to various circumstances we missed out on most of what we’d planned to do, so we went back this year. I actually have very few pics to go with this, which is a shame cos the scenery is stunning & the roads wonderful, but this lot are not into photos &...
  10. Big thank you to all ..................

    National Meets
    I would just like to say thanks for the company of so many old & new, as you know i am a bit of a stranger on here , even Geoff Francis posts more than me :D. Once again it has been an awesome national and the weather certainly played a huge part. Thanks firstly to Eastcoast & Agnes for their...
  11. Suggested tires for FMX650

    Dominator / FMX
    Greetings everyone. As per the title, i've been thinking of replacing my tires for a while now. Since it's summer the grip is good enough, plus i don't ride very fast or aggressively anyway. However, now that i got used to the bike, when i test my brakes on an empty piece of road and try to push...
  12. Salter Fell with BIGW42

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    On the day before the BIG rain arrived everywhere BIGW42 & I went out on a jolly boys outing, we took a scenic ride through Clitheroe & the Trough of Bowland towards Salter Fell. Stopped off for a fab full english breakfast on the A59 in the salubrious english currant bun , sat out & discussed...
  13. Rubberchicken is high..

    :toothy10::o BBC News - A rubber chicken's flight into the Earth's atmosphere :toothy10::toothy10::toothy10:
  14. hilarious - applies to malta too

    ACTUAL PASSPORT LETTER-----HILARIOUS! PASSPORT LETTER This, apparently is an actual letter received by the UK Passport Office. Dear Sirs, I'm in the process of renewing my passport, and still cannot believe This. How is it that Sky Television has my address and telephone number...
  15. Not what I had planned!

    At this point in time I should be just waking up, strolling to the boulangerie for some fresh hot croissants for a leisurely breakfast with a good book. Needless to say, this plan has been foiled. I should have left the outlaws place yesterday afternoon & come home with madame MooN, leaving...
  16. Chicken run relay for help for heroes

    Charity Events
    My mate Phil Jomes is organising this Click the chicken on bike for details
  17. Odd chicken strips.... Not crispy

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Ok before you flame me I am still a newbie... Be gentle with me! Great ride back home from work today, birds twittering and sun out and a tropical 11 degree, plus I finished early - so I took the LONG way home. Plenty of great twists n turns, so I made good progress! When I got home I noticed...
  18. Chicken Tika sausages with Masala mash

    My local Indian restaurant (very posh not a post-pub drunkard's haunt) has just issued this invite for St George's day. The food made me laugh:
  19. Last of the chicken strips!

    Everything Orange - KTM
    At long last I've managed to lose the few I had left two days ago! :D Didn't really consider this worthy of the ride reports as I didn't take many pictures of the trip. Hope you guys don't mind. Lent my AT to my best mate who just sailed single handed from Singapore, past the pirates of the...
  20. Centrestands / Chicken Strips

    Africa Twin
    Anyone fitted a 'Wemoto' centrestand? Thinking about ordering but they don't look very substantial :confused: - my old Fazer 1000s stand seemed much beefier. Any comments gratefully digested. Also, while I've never been a slave to chicken strips, my front Tourance is almost to the edge, while...