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    My mother's just dropped photo's here for the wife to look so i might regret this later but i'm doing it now. I though i would try and start a thread of WHAT YOU LOOKED LIKE AS A CHILD AND HOW YOU LOOK NOW. I best go first here think This was christmas eve 1978 i was 2yrs 4mths This was...
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    Oops…Parent on a Motorcycle Loses Child on the Road - Carscoop
  3. Chatter
    Pittsburgh zoo death: Maddox Derkosh mauled to death by African wild dogs after mother dangles him over railings | Mail Online I don't know about anyone else but 11 feet of drop would not stop me jumping in, not a chance. How could two parents watch on as a pack of dogs ripped their two year...
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    Steptoe and Son's Wilfrid Brambell is latest BBC star accused of child sex abuse | Mail Online One of my all time faveourite comedies is Steptoe & Son... I refuse to beleive it! Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
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    Chad, Vaders & Sharries off topic *****: Language not work / child safe & may offend. Handbags at dawn??:D:D
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    Well they say it comes to all of us eventually, well it arrived this weekend. I AM OLD! Let me ellaborate. My father went to the orange shop a couple of weekends ago and got himself an upgrade on his handset. Upon returning home he presented me with the new piece of kit, a sony ericcsson xperion...
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    DO NOT chop a Jalapenos Chilli and decide to scratch your itchy nose (you the bit right near your eye):rolleyes:. Of course most of you will already know this because you have the common sense you were born on the other hand has just spent half an hour crawling around on the...
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    :shock: YouTube - Baby falls onto train tracks infront of train - Melbourne Australia 2009
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    Or be stopped! disgust. Returned to quiet village apparently not so quiet any more to see my folks last night. I then popped to see some freinds who were doing the same. On returning to my folks I found the neighbours wall half kicked over with a big plant pot strewn all over the road...
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    Do ya like it then :D it was either this or this one