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  1. Its alive....

    Dominator / FMX
    I finally got my Flatside sorted and fitted onto my scrambler with the help of Nick from Brummingham ,our resident flatside guru.:thumbup: Now it sounds like a beast that just wants to eat small children and scare old ladies.:D:D:D I havnt been for a test ride yet as the foot pegs are getting...
  2. Keihin Flatside.

    Dominator / FMX
    What do you think? Sorry about the picture quality. It has a metal gauze fitted to prevent small children and little old ladies getting sucked in. :D:D:D
  3. Velocity stack

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know where I can get hold of an aluminium velocity stack/ bellmouth with an inside diameter of 55mm or 2 1/4 inch for you old school chaps. Its for sucking small children and little old ladies into my Keihin FCR-MX flatside carb. I can only find them in the states and the price...
  4. Charity fun run yesterday :)

    Africa Twin
    Out with the Copdock Classic Motorcycle Club yesterday, 50 odd miles round the twistys from Ipswich out to the Flixton aviation museum at Bungay. Good ride out, I'd guess well over a hundred bikes in all, entry fees to the East Anglia Children's Hospice :thumbup: Great weather, mostly sunny...
  5. Handle bar grip glue type

    Hi...Having never had to ever replace or re-glue bar grips, I tried three local motorbike dealer / that have workshops / and spares shops, to buy the correct stuff in a tiny tube...Every one of them said....WHAT ? ? ? with a strange look....use ordinary spray type carpet adhesive...WE ALWAYS...
  6. Movember barftone

    Charity Events
    Hi Team. Yes it's that time of year again when I must check if me plums are ripe ;). Last year was a good but I think with a little tashe darkening I could surpass my efforts. For those who don't know, Movember supports mens health and for us lazy people it means all we have to do is grow your...
  7. Classic Bike show and auto jumble

    For those that are interested, Classic Bike Show with Auto-jumble, club stands and concours competition. At the Friars, Aylesford Kent ME20 7BX (close to Maidstone). They have 400 bikes booked in for this event. Club run on Saterday, then open to the public Sunday from 9am. Adults £5 children...
  8. be careful out there children

    earlier this week in the Var (southern france) a motorcyclist died when his scarf caught in his wheel. despite the rapid help from a bystander who saw the accident & ran to cut the scarf. the winter period is dangerous enough as it is on a bike, lets try & not add to the risk by just not...
  9. who has heard of

    Now I'm a skeptical old git, especially about charities (many of which spin a tale about something genuinely tragic to get your cash, and then spend much of it on some dodgy political lobbying they never told you about...) but look interesting. There's waffle on the web site but here's...
  10. Any One Want This?

    I've got a £10 Infinity voucher which runs out on 30th November this year. I don't need anything from them. I can email it to you. Don't want any money for it, but if you're feeling a bit generous you could make a donation to our local children's charity. PM me with your email address...
  11. James Bond/ Children in need CRF 250 on fleabay

    Honda motorbike from the James Bond film Skyfall | eBay
  12. Which Hunt........

    So the story that's all over the news is the BBC which, as far as I can see, is guilty of being too careful ( plus an inability to explain it), followed by behaving in a seriously unsubtle way but without naming any of the senior politicians on the web. This organisation is being judged and...
  13. Rather odd choice of words

    Well it's in the open now. Lord McAlpine who was one of those high profile folk "in the frame" or should we say on Schofields list has come out and denied being a pea dough. Strange thing is his choice of words though. On BBC News - Lord McAlpine says abuse claims false and defamatory it...
  14. Balance bikes for small children

    I'm a big fan of balance bikes for little kids, I sell lots of them to parents that originally came into the shop to buy a conventional bike for their child and apart from one person they have all been very appreciative of them, I've recorded my grandson Harry pretty much ever since he first...
  15. Heavily modded Hayabusa

    Spotted at a place near you! Watch out! It eats children and small dogs !
  16. What size is the oil filter wrench?

    Africa Twin
    As I already have one for the 7R it might fit the AT if I knew what size the AT filter is. So, can anyone tell me what size is the filter wrench or else what the measurement across flats on the filter is? This will just save me buying one off ebay then finding out it is the same size as my...
  17. SMIDSY

    It seems not looking where you are going isn't even careless now. from SMIDSY biker killer cleared - Motorcycle news : General news - Visordown
  18. deprived children

    bought up deprived of video games, what do you expect? 764705594&kw=bluegrass music :joker:
  19. Topbox Relocation

    Africa Twin
    I would like to reposition the Honda Topbox about 30mm further back to give the wife and children (not together) more room. After removing the mounting plate I notice that the grab handle / rack is made of plastic, are they all like that or were they metal on earlier 07a's. Has anyone performed...
  20. traveling by motorbike from uk to New Zealand

    My brother and his wife are seriously looking at Emigrating to New Zealand, My brother is looking at traveling by bike from the UK by bike in about 2 and a half years time.... his wife and children will be flying out. I have said I would like to go with him, as I doubt I would see much of him...