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  1. Front Wheel Chock

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a front wheel chock for my Tranalp whilst it is parked in my garage, they seem to be a good idea especially when working on the bike, was wondering if anyone on this forum had used them and what do they think of them. Steve
  2. Please please please be careful

    Saturday i went to the classic air force show on the other side of Newquay after leaving i said we will go through Newquay on the way home as the A30 will be chock a block as it's easter beginning of the silly season down here. So i went into Newquay got some photo's then went home the old...
  3. power loss rdo4 africa twin !

    Africa Twin
    Please help me !!! my lovely africa twin rd04 has a power loss problem ! driving down the M4 last week and the bike stated to chock an loose power , there was no warning and all of a sudden could not get more than 80 out of her ! she is usual happy to go into the figures !!!! i gave the bike a...
  4. it me!

    ive just bought a 83 honda xl600, 14,000 on the clock, looks reasonably aged(?) and used over its life/years. any way it starts first or second kick, little or no chock and runs ok, but if stopped its a pig to start, and much more than 5 kicks and it floods. if, i find a passerby to push and...
  5. Cyclists.. Why so selfish?

    The summer fair is on in the small village of South Queensferry and the traffic was chock-a-block at the weekend so many cyclists were just taking to the already busy pavements and were pedalling along there in between the pedestrians. When I stopped one and suggested it would be safer for the...
  6. Scabby Top Yoke

    The top yoke on my '03 alp is scabby, so I want to clean it up and refinish it. It looks to me as if I first take off the handlebars and chock the front end, I should be able to remove the yoke without disturbing any thing else , except, what should I do about the steering lock/ignition switch...
  7. HUMM 2008

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A few folk from this forum made the trip to the Pyrenees a couple of weeks ago for the Horizon's Unlimited Mountain Madness. Matt and I made a week of it, taking in a few days trail riding before the HUMM, and visiting the Millau viaduct on the way home. As ever these trips begin with a ferry...
  8. worm it up before you go go!!!!!

    Africa Twin
    I belive the single most important thing you can do to make your engine last longer beside, offcourse, changing the oil and filter often is worming up ur bike. And i don't mean untill it ticks over but about 4-5 minutes at least. Did you ever start your bike in the morning on the centre stand...