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  1. 2002 Chugging as the Revs Go up

    Africa Twin
    Morning, I was taking my bike for a service yesterday, as a relatively new owner I was taking it in to get the fluids done, spark plugs etc along with new sprockets and a chain. On the way down the road I came off a RTB and gave her a twist of the wrist, it started chugging and choking at...
  2. Choking AT

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Newbie here. Had my AT since March and do about 800 a week on it! :tongue3: Anyhoo, really reliable and not too bad on the ar$e. Twice over the last 2 months i have accellerated quickly only to have the bike choke and die on me. Just like running out of fuel. But sit on the side of the road...