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  1. Fuse sizing?

    Africa Twin
    So how do you go about choosing a proper size fuse? I received my new 3 circuit setup and would like to get it installed now. One line is going to my gps and another to the rear trunk. is there a rule of thumb to use for figuring things out? Also for the switched circuits can I use a rear turn...
  2. Choosing an on/off road bike

    Hi everybody. I have decided to turn a new leaf and have a go at off roaders. I will have to ride on the road to get to the off road area so what do I need? I want a lightish bike around the 250? mark. I also want a popular make and it needs to be a reliable bike. Just dont know where to start...
  3. Choosing a jacket...Sizes?

    Got some Xmas money to spend on a proper jacket (£150 ish) Went to local J&S. Tried on an IXS Montevideo...nice jacket...large...."Firm" fit but OK (still losing weight :)) £220 in sale.....:rolleyes: Tried Alpinestars one..Large...Goretex...OK...same fit.awkward zips..£220 in...
  4. Help choosing a MRA Screen

    Africa Twin
    The bike is a '96 AT. Should I choose the Vario Screen: Or the Vario Touring Screen?: (Both pics are for the AT) I'm 1.75 metres and need more wind protection but wouldn't like to increase the "back-of-the-helmet" wind presence, specially with a passenger... Are there any less...
  5. choosing an alarm

    :confused: Im supprised this topic has not been covered prior to this so im sorry if it has.....(i tried a search) Im considering having an alarm fitted to me 2007 Transalp. I've no idea where to start, should i get one / should i waste my cash / are they worth it ? Any advice would help...
  6. Choosing Tyres

    Hi all I know a thread that probably pops up a lot but. I usually use my bike for fun and the occasional blast up to Birmingham. I have a Deathwing front and Tourance rear. I usually do about 4000 Miles before I need to change the rear and the front still looks untouched after 9k...
  7. Choosing the right all rounder

    Having done some general touring in France & Spain over the last few years on my current bike (Yamaha Thunderace) I have decided I’d like to explore some of the roads less well traveled and also go further afield. I’m initially contemplating more of Eastern Europe (and if I can persuade my...