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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Is there any reason a CDI from and SLR wouldn't run in an FX650? You'd need to chop the FX CDI plug from the loom and wire in the SLR CDI plug. Then the ignition rotor would need to be changed (the FX on has more pips on it). I'm sure the TPS is the same on both bikes. The only casualty I think...
  2. Transalp
    Hi Folks, just wondered ( I haven't searched so don't shout), if anyone has ever fit a set of cast wheels to the transalp (mine's a 650) and if so was it easy, straight swap, chop and change parts etc and what were they off ?. Just had to have the spokes tightened up on mine for M.O.T which...
  3. Africa Twin
    Ok, anyone know where i can get the exact connector that the dash on the @ has. i want to wire my new koso dash up and put it into the honda socket so i can just plug it into the existing loom and not have cut and chop the loom
  4. News
    A memo leaked to the civil service union PCS reveals the government is planning to close almost all local vehicle licensing offices in the UK, threatening around 1,500 jobs. Leaked memo exposes ideology behind government cuts - News centre - PCS
1-4 of 4 Results