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  1. What do you all think?

    Dominator / FMX
    I bought a new (to me) tank and rear end off eBay the other day and have chopped bits of the rear frame and original tank mounts to get them to fit so there's no going back. So what do you think? I have no intention of ever making this bike a pretty show winning bike and the seat will be...
  2. Heated seat.

    I've recently fitted a heated seat pad that santa dropped off for Xmas. I must say, I'm impressed, it was a touch under £40 delivered from the 'bay, so about the same price as mid range heated grips. It comes with the self adhesive heated pad, a load of wiring (most of which was chopped out &...
  3. New AT owner

    Africa Twin
    Hi chaps and chapesses Although I'm not new to the forum I haven't been on here in a while. Yesterday I chopped in my 2005 1150 gsa for a 2002 AT. Just fancied a change and always wanted an AT. Wanted to get back on to some trails and I was never going to do that on the gsa. Just got bored of...
  4. spokes, set a vs set b?

    Africa Twin
    Hmmm, i recently chopped out 2 hubs, relacing new rims. BUT, now i don't know which was a rd04 & which a 07a. No big deal, but hey according to lings rear type 1/ 16 x A9x177, 8 x A9x173, 8 x A9x170 total 32 spokes rear type 2/ 16 x A9x178 8 x A9x173, 8...
  5. Just saying hello

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all I've been riding bikes over 40 years and have had a very strange assortment in that time including CZs, MZs, Royal Enfield, BMWs, a few British bikes and 3 or 4 Japanese thumpers. I've just bought a 1999 SLR650 to replace my Yamaha SR400 as it is kickstart only and hurts my knee too much...
  6. Just bought an XL250S project parts wanted

    Picked up a great project nice and cheap, however cheap also means it needs lots of expensive things, such as an exhaust and a frame (with a logbook) what exhaust options are there for a 250s?, it had a micron on there till the previous owner chopped it off and put it on something else Cheers
  7. Another bodged screen spoiler

    Bodgers Corner
    This cost next to nothing to make couple of brackets made from angled alloy and chopped the top of an old screen [/URL][/IMG]
  8. Hairy Bikers

    Last night Mrs Stubbsie, Miss Stubbsie & I went to Llandudno theatre to see the Hairy Bikers live. A brilliant show which was topped when I was invited on stage to have my tea cooked by Si & Dave, in front of an audience of a few hundred people, I was described by Si as looking like a drug...
  9. For Sale: Africa Twin Sump guard off 1993 RD04 £80

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Africa Twin Sump guard off 1993 RD04 £80 SOLD SOLD A 3 piece sump guard off a 1993 RD04 not chopped but some scratches most should come out. Believe will fit all AT and 600/650 TA providing crash bars do not intrude. Originally purchased to put on my 650 Transalp however it fouls the...
  10. Chopped and Dropped

    Africa Twin
    Wanted my panniers to look the same from the back.