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  1. Left side Switchgear

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone chopping up their bike and no longer need the left side switchgear? My indicator switch has just snapped inside and could do with a replacement. Thanks!
  2. How do I lower a Domie RD02's rear suspension.

    Dominator / FMX
    Ok guys I need some more help please? Due to my 28" inside leg I need to lower the rear end. I have seen lowering kits for the RD08 but not the 02. Can I lower it with the dog bone links, or a DIY version because I love cheap fixes. The other option is to cut and lower the seat height as...
  3. Phil's Dommie

    Dominator / FMX
    I know there's mixed opinion about chopping up 'perfectly good' bikes, and, in the process wrecking their real world usefulness. But, each to their own, I've had a lot of fun fettling this bike. Thought I'd share the result . . . This bike was a standard '99 NX650 with tatty bodywork and a few...
  4. Why are people chopping up their SLR and FXs?

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm really not wanting to have a go at anybody in particular, but looking on Ebay there are lots of chopped up SLRs and FXs coming up. Why? As far as I can see an FX or SLR hasn't got anything on it that isn't need to go or stop, therefore by taking things off the bike is diminished. I saw one...
  5. Extra fused power supplies a couple of ideas.

    Africa Twin
    With the rebuild coming to an end thoughts turned to what extra electrical gizmos might be needed/ wanted in the near/distant future. I can see the following being added at some point. Ctek charging socket, LED voltage monitor, permanent live 12v socket and or switched live 12v socket, heated...
  6. Shorty screen

    Bodgers Corner
    My oversized screen that was on my 87 Transalp when I got it hit the mirrors on full lock, so for the MOT I 'modified' an old stock ZZR1100 screen, by chopping it in half :D ended up with a short sporty screen. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  7. Dommie now sounds like a V twin??

    Dominator / FMX
    On the last mile of a three hour journey on my new dominator, she went from her usual sound of a 650 single to a very strange low chopping sound. When I twist the throttle there is also a chugging sound coming from the engine? A mate at work said its the exhaust leaking but I cant see anything...
  8. Africa Twin Seat

    Africa Twin
    I have two seats that came with my bike. A Touratech dual seat and an original seat that the previous owner had re covered to lower it and make it more comfortable. Both seats are good. The Touratech one allows you to move position as there is no boundary between rider and pillion. The re...
  9. Bike Electrickery Qs

    I'm just planning a couple of jobs for the Transrat, one of which is modifying the wiring loom by chopping the bundles of cables & connectors to fit the lack of fairing. :rolleyes: But While I can get by and understand DC electrics reasonably well, can anyone shed any light or have any tips...
  10. MAWF 2011 and beyond.

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    MAW it is for next year. I was wondering if we should poll the forum to ask if they favour working with one charity for a fixed term period, say 3 years, instead of chopping and changing every year? My personal preference is to do this, because that way we more exposure from the charity. If we...
  11. Wanted 600T/A fairing panels

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for some fairing panels for my '89 600 Transalp.Condition/colour unimportant as I intend chopping them about a bit.Dirt cheap would be good.Has anyone got any lurking at the back of the garage?
  12. Screens

    Mechanical Advice
    I have just read loads on screens and just want to confirm before I start chopping. If I want a quieter ride ( not bothered about weather/wind protection ) I have to cut the original screen down. There are no taller screens that make things quieter. Reason is, I am getting bad tinitus...
  13. Sidestand

    Mechanical Advice
    Some of you may know I've jacked-up the TA, the last job is to somehow extend the sidestand. The bike currently lives on a 90mm block of wood (I could strap it on the back rack and take it everywhere), but I'm looking at chopping the sidestand foot off, welding a M10 or M12 bolt to the foot...
  14. O forum please forgive me for what I have done...

    I stand before you a pathetic sinner in front of my judges. May you find it in your hearts... Ok, here goes: I recently thought about parting with my Transalp. It had become afflicted with the usual condition (corroded rims that had started to crack) and I considered chopping it in against a...
  15. Best sounding (and working) exhaust for a 600TA

    What exhausts have you guys got and what is the best sounding for a TA600? I would love to get the Buell type sound from the TA without attracting too much attention, but enough for people to hear you in commuting traffic. I did have an old XT250 with a VFR750 race can on the back of it, it did...