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  1. Big favour.

    I am in need of some help. My current project is as good as done apart from a bit of fettling. For my next project I need to get myself a Norton Featherbed frame. I know they are as rare as rocking horse do do but i need to find one. It doesnt have to be an original one with papers so if any of...
  2. the movie one week about a bloke going for a spin on a norton in canada

    well worth a watch if you haven't seen it yet :thumbup: I just bought the rolling stones album exile on main st on e bay won it for £2.90 im chuffed to bits its like a long lost friend I had it on tape a lifetime ago some of their finest work ...
  3. Honda V twin engine.

    I just bought myself a 1993 Honda NTV 650 from Germany which I have been informed has the same engine as the transalp.(who knew):D:D:D I am chuffed to bits with the bike and have started enjoying biking a bit more. I love the vibe the bikes gives off but I have one concern. I have ridden 800km...
  4. New rear shock.

    Dominator / FMX
    My new Wilburs shock arrived today from Germany and I am well chuffed with it.:blob8::blob7::blob8: Its the fist time in 45 yrs of riding bikes that I have bought a new shock and I hope it performs as good as it looks. The price I paid for it is almost half of what I paid for the bike.:rolleyes...
  5. family delayed build but now back on it

    Hi all Being delayed by commitments meaning more time for more bits and pieces and hey bought a brand new honda packed battery box well chuffed. Still having some slight issuies with being busy at work hovever keeps my coppers being saved up in my bike account . Just thought I should touch base...
  6. xr 500 twinshock

    evening all just picked up new project ,a 1979 xr 500 all original apart from rear light. american import.was sold as a non runner but fresh fuel and plug fitted she fired up 2nd kick,with no smoke or rattles,some parts look like new paid £999 and will spend another 500 quid on light restoration...
  7. At last - An Alp in the Garage !

    Hi all, It's taken a while but finally I have an Alp in the garage :) Love the colour, nice clean machine, I am really chuffed. I will take some pix at the weekend, but this is her....... A big thanks to everyone who posted links and suggestions :) I will probably need a little advice on...
  8. Feeling rather pleased with myself

    Recieved this in the post, is great to get recognition of the work we do so I'm dead chuffed on behalf of our fabulous team Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk
  9. Showing off new Seat Concept seat on my XRR

    I managed to install it myself with a $5 stapler. Took me bloody half a day, as 7 out of 8 staples deformed and had to be removed. Quite chuffed with the result, and it looks the dogs bollocks, to be honest! It really is SO MUCH more comfortable than the old race seat. I couldn't go more than...
  10. Wanted: Wanted - baffle for 2000 XR400 (or complete OEM silencer)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, Thought I'd posted this - must have pressed the wrong button. Got my new purchase home, 2000 XR400RY. Chuffed to bits. I notice the baffle has been removed. My local MOT shop may have a problem with that. Does anyone have a OEM spare baffle they could sell me, or a spare silencer OEM...
  11. MOT passed today

    Africa Twin
    The old girl passed her MOT today with only 1 advisory on rear wheel bearings. Well chuffed :lol: Jobs for winter, job 1 change wheel bearings, job 2 replace the front wheel spokes with stainless steel spokes. happy days:blob8: wizard
  12. my new sidecar project....

    I know there was a picture posted, however thought I'd repost.....:D:D:D:D just cos I'm so chuffed with it! Collected it on Friday after about 3 hours training (I'd never ever ridden an outfit before!) and then crawled the 120 miles home around the M25...... All I can say is that I found...
  13. something for the weekend sir

    Dominator / FMX
    Just finished my weekend toy gave it a full going over new plug new oil new filter new air filter braided hoses front and rear new pads new caliper seals new fork oil changed brake fluid for new new rear tyre fitted end can (big thanks to nickinbrum nice bloke for sure) header pipes xl600...
  14. big up wemoto

    Africa Twin
    Just bought some caliper pistons etc and had priced it up on their website, but it had meant that I had doubled up on a couple of items (piston seals) so I emailed them and they emailed back (very prompt) and it came to quite a bit cheaper - well chuffed.
  15. Slowly getting there...

    In August - under docs orders i started a health kick, a target weight loss of 5 stone was imposed along with a strict diet - so far I have lost just over 3 and a half stone, I've got my blood pressure from sky high to 124/70 and my cholestral down to 4.7 but best of all tonight I managed to run...
  16. Thanks to Mrs Snaphappy

    I've never met the woman but I did meet Nick last night for a swift pint as he was over in London. And lo and behold he pulls out a T-shirt his wife has embroidered for me. IMG_0006 by whealie, on Flickr I'm chuffed to bits. Thanks very much for making the effort. Top present!:cheers:
  17. sorry but help needed on main stand fitting :(

    ok, realised that i couldnt use the 'axle' rod that came with the kit as i have engine bars fitted that use a threaded bar to secure them to the stand fitting points,.. Well false sense of security overcame me as fitting the actual stand was a breeze. 1hr later managed to get the big spring...
  18. My new baby!

    Africa Twin
    At some point I'm going to have to stop looking at it and start riding it. Chuffed to bits to become an owner of a fantastic looking bike! 2001 Y 15400 miles original & honest bike.:thumbright:
  19. Engine Hours Meter

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi All, :cheers: I'm new to this forum so hello to everyone. Please excuse any newby mistakes I might make - this is my first post. I've just bought a 2005 CRF250R with which I'm really "chuffed". I'm intending to do most of the maintenance work myself so I'd like to fit an "Engine Hours...
  20. chain wear decal

    Hi all... have just managed to change the chain and sprockets on my 650. all is ok and well....and I am extremely chuffed since this was an extremely big challenge for me:p. the only casualty is that I managed to destroy my chain wear decal/sticker in the process.:( 1. Can I live without this...