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    Have a FAB day :occasion8:
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    Happy Birthday mate, have a good one:occasion8::blob7::occasion8::blob7::occasion8:
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Bought this off Alan (Chunkolini) a couple of months ago, but it is just a wee bit too low for me. Very comfortable but I prefer the height of my original seat, a cross between the two would be ideal!! I will sell for what I paid for it - £100 plus postage (around £15) or can be collected in...
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    ok, so got her back & not looked at her 'til today...& she's been standing for afew weeks outside in the cold, changed the starter solenoid fuse... fired up first turn of the engine :blob6: happy!! waiting for postie for an ignition, as good as gifted from chunkolini (many thanks), happy days...
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    Been monitoring the forum for a while. Thought it is time to join up. A brief intro. 50 years old Been biking for too long to think about. Been through a succession of Hondas, Xl125, CB250RS (fantastic bike), XBR500 85k miles, 600 tenere, Dominator, BMW R1100RS, Pan European and a Honda Slob...
1-5 of 5 Results