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  1. Zen and the art of Cider rally in September 2013

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Zen Overland are having their first official rally on 6-8th September in the Mendip hills in Somerset. This rally has previously been held under the Horizons Unlimited name, with the same organisers, so the event will have a similar feel of informal story swapping, only this time, tickets are...
  2. The Red Clay !!!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Myself, Barftone and Steve went out to do some lanes in Herefordshire today, glorious weather but still wet underwheel and plenty of mud as we found out later :happy2: Cracking lane to start with, about five miles long and varying conditions, here's one of the nicer bits............. On this...
  3. 31 days alcohol free ends today!

    Just a quick note to say that I am not responsible for any posts after 9pm today until tomorrow morning! I have managed, somehow, to stay off the cider and all alcohol for a the 31 days of january! So today at 2pm I will be entering the local for what can only be considered the most anticipated...
  4. Transalp Tracey Brothers are off to BMF Kelso Bikefest (6th-8th July)

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi All Any of you XRV's going to Kelso Bikefest Next weekend, as the Transalp Tracey Brothers will be there and look forward to meeting any of you there. the full TTB's will be there as ( all going well?). come rain or shine, we will be drinking wine!! or beer, ale, cider!!!! Thanks TTB1 (...
  5. Subscription annually?

    Hi all, just a quick query! I thought that when I paid my first subscription last year it was for life and not an annual renewal. Am I correct in thinking this and it has now changed or has the cider and hard living finally caught up with me and I am disillusioned and getting confused with...
  6. Boboneleg will be pleased

    More Brits now drink cider than lager
  7. Rickskye on relax

    I have just fallen off my chair at the computer, probably need to stop drinking the glorious dry cider. Hic. What I need is a bike meets. Ha, the next one is a T total one. I luv you guys!!
  8. bliss is,,,,

    home from work, friday, bbq lit, stuffed with burgers, cider, red wine, now sitting in garden surfin on phone with a large whisky in the setting sunlight, 19 degrees, chiminea's lit, life's just so good! Hope you're all well out there?
  9. Scotland - 17 to 25 Jul 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Having had a change in circumstances which meant I got an extra two months in the sunny UK, as well as being unable to sell my bike for (what I determined to be) a reasonable price, I decided to reward myself with a ride from London up through Wales and around Scotland. As I'd never been before...
  10. Busy day with bikes

    I am absolutley knackered. Last night I removed the front calipers to find the alloy was crumbling away. As that job was cut short I decided to fit the rear shock I bought from SteveR. I thought this would be an hours job but took about 2 and I finished in the dark - half in the garage half...
  11. Piel Island 24th & 25th April

    Austin's Adventures
    Piel Island 24th & 25th April. Meet up and route details Edits to this post highlighted in RED Edits to this post on 11th April in BROWN Edits to this post 16th April in PURPLE Follow up to the earlier thread about a Possible meet on Piel Island, Morecambe Bay, Barrow in Furness. This thread...
  12. North Wales weekend

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Friday. This weekend we were off for some trail-riding in North Wales, the plan changed slightly as originally we were taking the bikes up in a van but Steve had man-flu so Paul and I decided to ride up and Tony and Leigh towed their bikes up on Leigh's trailer. I set off early and met Paul...
  13. My daughters first bike trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    My daughter started going on the back of my Transalp in the spring and has grown in confidence so we planed a little camping trip to the mainland. Route was decided leave Arran on the Lochranza to Claonaig ferry then ride up the coast to Glencoe via Oban camp at Glencoe and return the next day...
  14. Ullapool

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, I had a long weekend away due to the hot weather here in Scotland, (unheard of!) Set off Friday morning from Lossiemouth to Dallas, to Rafford and on to the Dava moor to Grantown. From there to Aviemore then Newtonmore for coffee and a bacon roll for lunch. Onwards down to Spean bridge...
  15. Welsh Invasion

    Welsh Invasion
    OK I'm home bathed and would like to say thank you very, very much to the person who brought the Henney's cider and didn't take it home. It's sliding down very well :thumbup:. Poll at the top obvious answers.
  16. Normandy in March

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I'm taking a flyer here, as I've not discussed it with my financial controller/social diary manager, but... If I was to organise a trip to Cormolain 27th - 29th March 2009, who would be interested? Most likely there would be some gentle off-roading involved, to say nothing of barbecues...
  17. A public thank you

    Just to say THANKYOU very much STORMFORCE8 & ANNETTE for letting me keep my bike in your living room for the last two months. And also for the large amounts of free cider and top food.OH and the top re-wire job. PS feller in the mot place says refit the speed magnet for the vapour and jobs a...
  18. Wanted: Wanted xlr200 or xl200,

    For Sale / Wanted
    i need an engine from an xlr200 or xl200 with electric start, good engine prefered but can rebuild it, may take whole bike if cheap, new project is getting a bit more expensive than i imagined. so any one with a pile of bits needing room, give me a bell. may even concider a chinese copy bike, if...
  19. Sunday 19th October New Forest Ride Out

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    11.00an - Meet a Burley Cider Farm This is their apple pressing/cidermaking weekend and Barry will be firing up the traction engine to press the apples with a steam operated press. Tastings too if you like. Soon as we're ready, a gentle ride around the New Forest. All on road. All levels of...
  20. The Longest Day - view from near the back!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Oh, where to start? The day? The planning? The charity? I don’t know, so I guess I’ll do the “whole weekend” and stick any references to planning, charity, support etc in where they seem to fit. I’m also going to stick the lessons I’ve learned in with the text too, hindsight being such a...