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  1. E-Cigs

    With all the debate going on about E-Cigs, I was wondering if anyone here was using them and having success with ditching the fags ? I've not had a cigarette since 3rd May, not actually given anything up, just substituted smoking with 'vaping' .
  2. Accessory power pick up????

    Hi all, I have a 2010 Varadero 1000 and i want to put a 12volt cigarette type power supply on the fairing. Any idea where I can get power from that switches off with the ignition? must be able to cope with 5 amp loading? It has heated grips fitted as standard. Cheers
  3. U.S help required

    I'm hoping one of our American cousins will be able to help with a small favour?? I want to buy an item on, which is about the size of a cigarette lighter, but which eBay is quoting $54 to ship, and after contacting the seller, he is telling me he'll do it for $24!! The item is...
  4. how much should i pay for it

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys this is my first post my farther in law has a 750 AT its is the very first 750 model im not sure what year as i have not looked at the log book but im guessing 89 90 it in the rothmans cigarette style but i don't know how much its worth its in fair nic but did have over heating issues...
  5. Wanted: 12v Cool box

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a working 12v cool box, preferably 26lt, the one that look like a cool box and plugs in the car cigarette lighter socket. Location Hampshire
  6. 12V cigarette lighter socket

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Any "How To"s kicking about with instructions on how to install one of these? I've noticed a few people have them installed on their dash. If I installed one of these and connected a 240V inverter, would there be any problems with charging my mobile phone (sat nav, mp3 player, etc) while...
  7. Cigarette Lighter

    Hello Every body, new on the forum and not long got the transalp, 650. wonder if anybody has fitted a cigarette lighter on this bike on front as i need to feed the navigator and the gps reciver, may the snooper as well, basically need to put the cigarette lighter socket, if anybody has, can post...
  8. waterproof cigarette lighter socket for 4.99

    Mechanical Advice
    bought this for only 4.99, recieved it and its the business, even comes with screws and cable connecters three quarters trhe way down the page part number cp412
  9. Cigarette lighter

    I know some of you have 12 volt cigarette lighters as power sources, so a couple of questions 1 Can you get a waterproof ones, if so where from and how much??? do i need a waterproof one. (the bike is kept outside 24/7/365 and not under a cover either, she says she likes to stare at the stars...