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  1. Help needed!!

    Dominator / FMX
    Suspected piston rings onway out!! Wen i come off the throtle wen slowing down the bike smokes an is buring oil. I was wondering if ther was a seal what mite of gone whats letting oil into the cilinder because it still has good cimpresion. Any infomation would be a great help
  2. question? strange sound comming from the front cilinder

    Africa Twin
    last year i heard a zumzum (like a bee) from the front cilinder! i suspected the radiator guard this winter i have changed the guards and checked the valves(all ok, proof what the former owner said to me). now i hear another sound...something like tzac tzac tzac, and it-s rithmic with the engine...
  3. Honda XR500R 1982

    Hi everyone, This will be my first post on this forum,sorry for my english, i'm from belgium. Where do i begin.I find this bike just passing by somewhere 9 months ago.It was in very bad condition.Lot of parts where side panels,control cables,fenders.The engine completly broken...
  4. Fitting center stand

    Africa Twin
    Ive just ordered a honda center stand for my 2000 A T I know i have to remove the front pipes .I wounded if you can split them as the one going to the rear cilinder is joined by a lamp and that one looks to be the hardest to get at. Im also worred about un-doing the clamps as they have never...
  5. Trailtech Vapor on my TA with tach issue

    Hi, After an accident I replaced my dashboard clocks with a Trailtech Vapor. Easy work to install and to make the settings. I am happy with it but still the tach at idle (and not only at idle) is jumping 1050 -1250-1230 -1600-1800 either with the red input wrapped around the coil cable and the...
  6. oil consuming engine ...

    Africa Twin
    External leaks should be obvious enough with this sort of consumption levels (assuming you clean your bike more than I do). Check at least one sparkplug of each cilinder: If there is a lot of light coloured debri on them or even plain fresh oil, it's probably oil being burnt in the engine. Not...
  7. Arrow Paris Dakar exhaust

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I got the question to tell more about my Arrow Paris Dakar replica exhaust. Well ok. Easy to install but you need a different size exhaust clamp. Be sure to think of that. The protector near you footrest is not installed on the arrow so when you ride the first couple of times you make...