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  1. Dominator gauge-block differences on diff. generations

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello! A quick question: are there any differences in the back-cover (most importantly in mounting points) of the speedoblock depending on the generation, i.e. are they identical and/or swappable? Happened to break the mounting ears on mine of a 1995 RD08 while carelessly tackling a motocross...
  2. Fuse sizing?

    Africa Twin
    So how do you go about choosing a proper size fuse? I received my new 3 circuit setup and would like to get it installed now. One line is going to my gps and another to the rear trunk. is there a rule of thumb to use for figuring things out? Also for the switched circuits can I use a rear turn...
  3. Front Brake Light Switch

    I was just doing a spot of maintainance on the TA and noticed the front brake light switch is knackered. Switch sounds like it's activating but doesn't close the circuit. If I disconnect the switch and manually make the connection the light comes on so the wiring seems to be fine. Is the switch...
  4. 6v ac lighting question xl500s

    So my 81 xl500 has 6v AC direct unregulated lighting. Am I correct in thinking Ineed all the correct wattage bulbs to effectively provide some kind of regulation? With just the headlight bulb and tail light the tail glows really bright and soon fails. I see in the wiring diagram there is another...
  5. speedo shims?

    Africa Twin
    on my recent circuit of ireland my speedo suddenly quit, a quick look at the side of the road confirmed the cable was attached at both ends so i carried on regardless..... got home and pulled out the worm drive and gear and all was good, span the cable with the drill and the needle moved as...
  6. Advice on wiring heated grips to ignition circuit

    Africa Twin
    I have just bought some Oxford heated grips and need some advice on the BEST way to wire them into so they are turned on/off by the ignition - 2001 AT. On my other bike it has a 'spare' wire for an auxiliary device. Does the AT have this? All advice welcome please. Thanks Phil
  7. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh electrics

    Africa Twin
    My bike is charging fine then not charging and then charging then not. Doing the multimeter test I get 14.3 no lights and then 13.8 with lights, then 13.2,12.9,13.6,13.2,12.8,13.5 etc etc, up and down like a yoyo, what can be causing the undulations in the charging circuit.
  8. XR650R DC power

    Hi lads I'm looking to install a pair of LEDs lights and a USB charger on my XRR, but as it only has AC power, I need some advice on how to go about doing that. I've looked at the BajaDesigns dual sport kit for the XRR, but I already have blinkers and brakelight, so it seems a bit expensive...
  9. Tripmaster

    Africa Twin
    My Tripmaster is knackered, I've got another one that I'm hoping to use the circuit board to fix mine with. The question I have is that even though there's no display in the screen surely there should be some illumination to it when the lights are on. I've checked the fuse which appears ok but...
  10. XR400 Kill Switch wiring

    Anybody got a good colour picture of the headlamp spaghetti for the kill switch wiring? Seems that the switch (currently disconnected and running an ignition switch) makes a circuit when "off" and breaks the circuit when "on" so assume this breaks in to the l/t circuit and grounds the coil when...
  11. led light bulbs

    Has anyone fitted led bulbs on their xr 250. I only ask as the xr lighting circuit is ac and I believe led bulbs are designed to run on dc.
  12. Fuel pumps

    Africa Twin
    Hi... this may be of interest to some: Reduced prices for Facet pumps. Red Top, Silver Top & Solid State Fuel Pumps I don't know if any of the pumps on offer will be suitable for the @, but it may be worth a punt!
  13. Electrical advice needed for a amateur

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I have one of those bulbs that show the state of he charging circuit and want to connect it to the circuit so it only comes on when the ignition is on. Can anyone give me a clue as to which live wire to piggyback and should I also piggyback an earth or connect he bulb direct to the battery...
  14. Back firing

    And so it begins:D Just got myself a 2003 DRZ400 SK3 I'm getting some 'scare the pedestrians' backfiring. You get the occassional phut on the overrun, that I can cope with. But.... When you get the 'proper backfire!!!! It is not the type I've had on Boxers or the trannie, it is a very clean...
  15. Help needed wiring lighting circuit '99 XR250R

    Hey everyone I have a '99 XR250 and I've decided to set it up to be road registered. The problem is the old lighting circuit has been hacked up by the previous owner. There's not much of the original wiring left so I had to start from scratch. I basically just simplified everything to run...
  16. Save Croft circuit & save motor racing across the UK!

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but it seemed to me to be the most relevant. If not I'm sure an admin will be along to move it. Croft Circuit is under great pressure to close after a successful High Court ruling over noise. If you look deeper into the story the only properties that...
  17. Where to tap into the leccy circuit for power?

    Hello chaps, I'm going to attempt to wire in some heated grips for my XR400. There is a tap connector that clips on to an insulated wire that draws power for the grips. Where on the bike would be the best place to go for power? I've read on another thread to tap into the black wire? Where...
  18. Spada Circuit Jacket, 18 Months old - Large

    For Sale / Wanted
    On eBay. Bidding starting at just £5 :thumbup:
  19. Making a circuit live only when ignition is off

    Mechanical Advice
    My old Varadero 125 had a dummy alarm light that only came on when the key was out of the bike. Once the ignition was on it went off. How was this achieved? Hmmm this might want moving to bike tech...
  20. Help drawing circuit diagram

    You may know that a small team are producing articles for the site's forthcoming "wiki" (don't worry if you don't know what that means). I'm producing an article that requires a simple wiring diagram. Does anyone here have access to software that can draw a simple diagram for me? If you PM your...