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  1. eBay: Nothing to do with me but might be of interest

    For Sale / Wanted
    Look at this on eBay CITROEN RELAY RAZORBACK DROP FLOOR VAN LEFT HAND DRIVE 31000 kilometers | eBay Saw this unusual van on ebay that might be of interest to someone.
  2. Transalp in a Small Van?

    Thinking about my next return to Spain and would like to take a bit more than I can fit on my Alp, especially as I have just bought a road bicycle in my latest fitness fad... So, thinking about a cheap van from eBay just for these bi-annual trips. I could get a Citroen Berlingo for less than...
  3. AT into a Citroen Dispatch - possible?

    Africa Twin
    I've just bought my first AT :D but want to know if it will fit into my 04 plate Citroen Dispatch. Anybody know? Thanks.
  4. Ohlins HO645 s46hr1c1s

    Africa Twin
    HI there.. I have been thinking of putting one of these shocks for the back of the AT. I already have progressive springs in the front (whitepower), and the difference in the front is huge. Still, I have never riden an AT with a ohlins on the back, or with a suspension other than the original...
  5. KLR 250 Head Job

    Number 1 son had a bit of oil blowing from his cam cover yesterday :sad1:. Got the bike home in the back of the car (Citroen Berlingo :thumbright:) last night and lifted the cover today. Here's what I found (sorry for the out of focus shots, wifes camera doesn't do close-ups very well!)...
  6. what do I get next?!

    I now own my 2 favorite vehicles from recent motorsport history, a Celica GTFour (nicely modded for killer handling and about 300bhp) and an Africa Twin (Black and therefore fast...!). Both were (imho) the icons of their era in their respective motorsports and I love owning them, but what are...
  7. Someone nicked me sparks!

    Dominator / FMX
    Coming home last night, Whiplash died as if the kill switch had been hit (it hadn't). Quick once-over = no spark, replaced plug and all was well ....... for 4 miles when the b*tch did the same. 3 miles from home (mostly uphill), pitch black, middle of feck all, I was not happy (cue Basil...
  8. The Road to Gobblers Knob

    Just finished this book - another excellent read by Geoff Hill. Plenty of belly laughs - one of my favourites concerned a Citroen 2CV with a Turbo'll have to read it to see what I mean :D