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  1. Wanted: 120 X 18 tyre or equivilent wanted TKC etc.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted ASAP for mud/gravel/road. ps Should read TKC etc in Title, and it's a rear tyre needed.
  2. XR400 Engine removal

    Going to tidy the old girl up over the winter and want to remove engine, Is there anything i have to watch for when removing the engine as i dont want to f**ck anything up.
  3. Exhaust width Measurement help

    Africa Twin
    Ok looking for the below measurement for anyone with a stck exhaust on. I have laser so want see how much i can get pannier step moved in buy when lad makes the rails
  4. riding with cateracts???

    Mechanical Advice
    or system 5 anti-fogging advice (I though this title would get more looks) Okay the weather is $h1t here in the midlands right now.. and now that i am an all weather / every day biker (the dreaded commute).. i need some advice.. i have the system 5 helmet (yes BMW.. but i like their...
  5. Painting of swing arm

    Hi, i've finnished that paint job on my swing arm (the rear frame). I couldnt't get it off so had to paint it "in situ". Thats why I went for it with CRC engine cleaner, clean water and then some isopropanol (window wash). "Rust eater" - worked very well on the rusty spots (claned up by steel...
  6. Amiga FFS!

    Looking through the web stats tonight I happened on the Operating System tab, telling me how many people are accessing the site using which browser. And I see at the bottom we've had 59 visits from someone using an Amiga! So who the f*ck is using an Amiga! Come on own up. And never mind that...
  7. More tyres.......Distanzas are crap!

    Distanzas seem to have a good following here and when my tyre man suggested them for the winter I jumped at it. Well, after 10 years and over 100k miles of riding I finally had a "proper" off. Approaching a set of lights (within speed limits and a run I have done everyday for nearly 10 years)...
  8. Friends- Not like this

    Hi, Just a rant about friends, the ones you cant get rid of, like the wifes mate, I can't stand her, She never shuts up, when you answer her she suddenly changes the subject if she's not bothered about your reply. She won't take a hint and p*ss off when all I want to do is spend time with the...
  9. Troubles with Motorcycle Parks?

    After my experience today I've been wondering, do any of you have trouble with freakin' car drivers and drivers of other vehicles with more than two wheels who knowingly park in motorcycle parks? There's a motorcycle park in town here that's notorious for car drivers (and other large four...
  10. Draining carbs

    Africa Twin
    Anyone have a diagram or link that will show me how to drain the carbs on a '98? I don't have a manual and would prefer not to f*ck anything up. Thanks, Mike