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  1. Help needed - 25 things to do before I die

    If you didn't already know, I pass 51-years on planet Earth today :) Some very nice things have been said to me here today already :D Tanks! I've been thinking - like you do on days like these - that when my son is my age, I'll be 81. And I say B*"l%cks to that! So then, the 25 things I...
  2. gear box went to hell

    Africa Twin
    night, highway, 5th gear, 110 kmh, 300 km behind - 50 still ahead 350km is the distance between my home town (EILAT) to TELL AVIV. suddenly the engine start reving up while the speed reduced, b*ll*cks - the clutch died, i thought, aauutch thats gonna hurt tommorow my credit card screamd. wile i...
  3. Had a text from

    Mabel last evening " sat in swimming pool, 23 degrees just getting outside my first beer " I lovingly texted back " B****cks "
  4. Hot weather gear supplier.

    Africa Twin
    If you've time check these guys out:- I have a summer jacket that I bought second hand in Singapore, with the removeable armour, the dog's [email protected] for riding over here. (There's a testimony of a bloke that came off at 50mph wearing the same jacket as I...