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  1. Clac clac...!

    What Ho!, I've been away for a while but i'm back now & a mate is looking at buying a transalp he's found on the web over here, The only info we've got on it is that it's a '97 600 with 44000km ( 27300miles ish ) on the clock & the bloke is asking 500€ cos the engine makes a "clac clac"...
  2. WEB RAGE - whatever next !

    Be nice to each other - just saw this on my aol homepage :shock: A man has been jailed at the Old Bailey for Britain's first web rage attack on another internet user. Paul Gibbons, 47, traced John Jones, 43, after they exchanged insults in a chat room. He was armed with a pickaxe handle...
  3. St Osyth Clacton on sea

    Booked one of those "Sun" holiday offers a few weeks ago and ended up with St Osyth Clacton on sea...... don't know anything about the place... any of you guys been there or could recommend any good places to visit near by... Live music pubs.... Tai restaurants .... Brothels ect.... Cheers...
  4. Saw some police action yesterday

    Driving towards Clacton, saw ANPR response team - counted about 6 police motorcycles, 1 camera van and 4 or 5 police cars :shock: Great to see them out trying to catch deviants with no tax/insurance/mot/stolen cars etc :D Have to say i felt sorry for the police motorcyclists as it was...