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  1. Aldi or Lidl Bike Gear now available - any good?

    Has anyone bought bike gear from Aldi or Lidl? I nipped down to Lidl today as they have gloves, thermals and flip-up lids in stock. I got some gloves at £17, seem OK, a bit of armor on the knuckles but they claim to be water and wind proof should be handy (geddit?, see what I did there?)...
  2. Halvarrsons Jackets or other reccomendations

    My old Heine Gericke jacket and trousis combo is on it's last legs but six years is not so bad. I am looking for quality replacements and they must do everything, be warm in winter, waterproof and breathable oh and durable. Halvarrsons have a good reputation, I have a budget up to say £500 for...
  3. Replacment CDI unit

    Hi I just picked up an 1995 xr 250, my 5th xr in the garage now and my 11th so far, The bike is was a non runner,no spark,checked usual connections etc so i plugged in an old CDI unit i had from a previous model and got spark and bike fired up. The CDI on the bike is KTI CF 514C, THE one I...
  4. Study shows that Motorcyclists '23% better' behind the wheel

    I'm sure we have all thought that as a motorcycling then you are also a better driver too. Well, a study from an insurance underwriting firm, Equity Red Star, has suggested that people who ride motorcycle's are 23% less likely to have a claim in a car than those who don't own a motorcycle...
  5. Who would have thought...........

    Found this on another forum. Insurance Firm Casts Doubt Over BBC Claim | Fast Bikes Andy.
  6. Hybrid Africa Twin on eBay!!!

    Africa Twin
    There's an RD07a looking AT on eBay at the moment registered an as RD03!! Is it me but it all sounds a bit dodgy to me, even the RD07a frame has the RD03 frame plate on it. It may have Ohlins shock but the claim that it's possibly the best ever AT to be on eBay sounds way off...unless anyone on...
  7. who has heard of

    Now I'm a skeptical old git, especially about charities (many of which spin a tale about something genuinely tragic to get your cash, and then spend much of it on some dodgy political lobbying they never told you about...) but look interesting. There's waffle on the web site but here's...
  8. Has anyone used

    Mechanical Advice
    Evening all. Have been looking for an airfilter for my old 250 and these chaps DIY Spare Parts claim to have one (which Silver's and Wemoto don't). Apparently they operate out of Bristol but something about the site doesn't feel quite right. Has anyone had any experience of them? Thanks Giles
  9. First Jimmy Savile

    And now John Peel BBC News - Peel Wing may be renamed after affair claim, says BBC
  10. Konvoi Panniers

    Hi, Anybody else had a problem getting stuff from this Romanian guy? I paid 320 Euros by Paypal for a pair of his panniers on 4th April. All I have had since is excuses "production problems" "change of process" "I am sick". Despite numerous emails since he said he had...
  11. More French Legislation

    Read about it here Emergency picnic hampers
  12. £25 off Anakee 2 tyre pairs

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Just idly checking out tyre prices and have found that Crossan Motorcycles are doing Anakee 2 pairs with a £25 cash back to UK addresses (they say that details to claim the cashback will be provided - I'll ring them tomorrow). So, for the Transalp 650 with 90/90-21 and 120/90-17 tyre sizes that...
  13. Oops!

    Hmm, this is not going to look good on his CV - Greater Manchester Police Officer writes off unmarked car during test drive. The insurance claim form is going to be interesting as well. ;) 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as...
  14. Hein Gericke Discount

    Discounts / Deals
    Hein Gericke have sent me this so I thought I'd share it, As a valued visitor to our stores we’d like to offer you an exclusive offer for this weekend, you can save a massive 30% on all current Hein Gericke items between now and Sunday! And an extra 15% on sale items!! We’ll also be offering...
  15. Oops just doesn't cover it.

    Well, what would you put on the insurance claim form? :D Luxury cars in Japanese motorway pile up. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  16. Free Pass for the Motorcycle Live Show at the NEC... on now.

    I have a free pass for one person from Honda to the Motorcycle Live Show that's on now at the NEC in Birmingham. This offer is open to subscribed members only. Please post here and then PM me to claim this. First come first served.
  17. Value for insurance claim ?

    How do you think is the best way to value a 2000 RD07A and justify that value to an insurance co. ? Following my weekend mishap, the consensus is that the bike will be written off. I have not yet approached the insurance co. but know they pay out as little al poss. It needs at least a front...
  18. can I claim from a pedestrian

    'If it can be shown that another party’s negligence has caused the accident, you should be eligible to claim'. Involved in an accident today both witnesses agree pedestrian was completely at fault, I is suspected he even tried to walk into me. Should I claim for cost of bike repair from him...
  19. Insurance claim help

    I got knocked of my xt660z back in june and am still waiting for the insurance to be sorted out ,my question is this ,they are looking at repairing the bike which i am not happy with due to the fact that is was under 3 months old and still like new and if they repair it it will be classed in an...
  20. Warranty claim Transalp 700?

    Hello, could someone give me some advice please. I have had my transalp 700 since June 2008, and noticed the alloy surface had worn away on the left-hand footrest bracket after about 10 months and 3000miles. I was told by the dealer that this happens all the time and suggested sticking some...