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  1. Varadero XL1000 02 Rec / Reg

    Looking for some clarity looks like my rec / reg is damaged, not convinced the one on the bike is OEM it has a part number of SH633-12 which is the same as in the Hayes manual photograph, but searching ebay this part number does not reference a varadero. Searching for varadero i get a part...
  2. Registration for TLD 2011 - Please Note!!!!

    The Longest Day
    Just a point of clarification: In order to be registered for the TLD2011, in addition to filling out the registration form, you must, at the same time, pay for your decals via the paypal link on the form. If you do not pay for your decals at the time of registration, you are NOT a registered...
  3. For Sale: Africa Twin Breaking - RD04 XRV750L

    For Sale / Wanted
    Okay, here is what's left of the RD04 project bike. The bodywork on the bike was rather tired and, considering the various other ill bits and pieces, this made it a non-viable repair. It had an indicated 31,000 miles and belonged to Airwolf so some of you will know this bike. All prices do not...
  4. Questions to ask an insurer?

    My insurance for the Africa Twin is up for renewal next month, so I'll be looking soon for the best premium (not necessarily cheapest). I'm currently with Highway through Bennetts, but IIRC they don't offer cover for panniers etc, so I thought I'd send an email to various insurers asking for...
  5. Mods for trials riding

    I took the XR400 on the Exeter long distance trial last weekend. All the off road sections were hill climbs which I was doing slowly in 2nd. However on a couple of occasions I rolled off for a sharp corner and the loss of speed combined with the gradient meant that the bike started to bog as...