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  1. My latest boys toy

    This is my latest boys toy. I bought one in the States on my recent Base jumping adventure . Unfortunately I didn't bring it home as I think its classed as a fire arm in the UK . Beer Cannon 1
  2. Is a european direct (ed) xr650r classed as a import for insurance purposes

    Hi,as in title ,just need to no if its classed as a import even though its a european direct ,trying to get some insurance sorted .Anyone no of any companys that would insure a xr650r with modifications ie supermoto wheels,aftermarket exhaust ,different decals ,any help would be great...
  3. Education system

    At last it seems someone has decided to reform it and actually test the kids. For years we've being hearing about grades getting better every year but the kids aren't getting any smarter. How can course work be a guide to how clever a kid is when it can be downloaded off the internet or the...
  4. Leaky wheel

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    A mate popped over last night.. He'd had a new tyre fitted to his Sprint ST a day or so back at his main dealer and it had deflated overnight. He blew it up but it was still loosing air somewhere but he couldn't find from where. Well he popped back to the dealer and they pulled the tryre off...
  5. When is a stolen vehicle not a stolen vehicle?

    Apparently when it is stolen by a member of your family. :confused: The happened to a cousin of mine and it's raised a few points I find worrying. My cousins daughter (aged 15) got up in the middle of the night and took her mother's car for a drive - she crashed it in to 2 cars (both parked)...
  6. Bike luggage travels uninsured

    Standard motorcycle policies do not cover adventure bikes' luggage - panniers or topboxes - or at best only cover it when locked to the bike. This could leave thousands of pounds of luggage uninsured at this weekend XRV national meet in Rosdale, Yorkshire. Carole Nash Carole Nash confirmed...
  7. wiped out by a car part 2

    Africa Twin
    hello everybody after being wiped out by the car that hit me the insurance company has written off my rd 07( had only had it 6 weeks gutted), they have classed it as a cat c write off due to cosmetic damage and age, they have made me an offer of £2200 i paid £2700 6 weeks before the accident...
  8. Insurance claim help

    I got knocked of my xt660z back in june and am still waiting for the insurance to be sorted out ,my question is this ,they are looking at repairing the bike which i am not happy with due to the fact that is was under 3 months old and still like new and if they repair it it will be classed in an...
  9. Bike crash :( what to do next ?

    bad new, last week on friday, coming up to a roundabout, and lights changed to red, so had no choice to come to a stop as there was cameras, as i approached the stop line, hearing a loud screech, and found myself on the floor, with the bike on me Its a Honda Vardero 125, 2002 model, insurance...
  10. xrv info

    hi, first ill just say, the xrv750 is my dream bike :). im planing to drive to australia and am checking out bikes. ive narowded it down to the klr650 vs the xvr. which model or year xrv are the most reliable ? whats classed as high milage ect. any info would be great.
  11. Speed camera database

    Thought this might interest you people, following the UK Government's freedom of information you can now get access to ALL speed camera offences registered in the last 12 months. Did you know that every time your car goes past a speed camera, even 1mph over the set limit, it is registered and...
  12. Importing a bike from France to The UK

    I have a friend who wants to import a bike they own in France (Varadero 125) to the UK for use as a winter hack. It's in great nick and is fairly new - although can not be classed as brand new. I know there are / is a mutual agreement when it comes to applying for a license however I'm not up...
  13. Ridgeway caution

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just in from a long ridgeway ride (not on the TA!), and a longer (well it felt like it) run in with a copper about rights of way etc. He was nice in the end, but aparently post NERC much of the "classic" ridgeway, south of Wantage, is now classed as a Restricted Byway, which means no riding or...
  14. Ride Magazine

    Just to confirm that the reviews in bike magazines should be taken with a pinch of salt there a big trail bike review in this months Ride mag about the BMW R1100GS and the V-Strom. In the 'also worth considering' bit the Africa Twin is listed as 'Don't Touch This One' as it is, apparently, so...