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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Hi all, looks like my employer sends me to Aberdeen the first week of August and it further looks like classes are scheduled such that I can spend the evenings off any business related stuff. So what's there to see and do? Suggestions are very welcome since I've never been near that area...
  2. Competitions / Trials
    From the HUBB website: July 28th - 30th 2008 Basics: A two-day, no GPS, orienteering event in the eastern Pyrenees of Catalunya, Spain and Andorra. Test your map reading and navigation skills, find hidden secrets and enjoy the fabulous riding. The...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Gotta Be Over 30 to Understand the following : Mum used to cut chicken, slice eggs and spread mayo on the same cutting board with the same knife and no bleach, but we didn't get food poisoning. My Mum used to defrost mince-meat on the kitchen sink AND I used to eat a bite raw sometimes, too...
  4. Ride Reports and Pictures
    My first major off-island expedition on the Dominatrix, apart from a long weekend in Yorkshire a few weeks ago. The holiday started well with gear and clutch issues – the clutch was replaced (ouch, money :( ) and the gear lever turned out to be held on to the shaft with a grub bolt – the...
  5. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Any interested Parties? Its a good weekend. Friday 26th- Monday 29th May Europe 's most prestigious televised Championship with over 250 race teams inc 300mph Top Fuel Dragsters, Top Methanol Dragsters and Funny Cars, Pro Mods, Pro Stock plus Drag Bikes and many supporting classes. Jet Car...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    I've heard about these classes before, and seeing that I never learnt how to do them (I was told I was too good at clutch control from the start) I wouldn't mind to join one. Anyone know where any take place, especially in the SW?
1-6 of 9 Results