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  1. Loss of power over 6000 rpm

    Mechanical Advice
    I am faced by an issue where my XRV 750 RD07 is losing power when it reaches 6000rpm. It seems to be a fuel deprivation. Fuel tank has been checked for any impurities. Carburators have been cleaned and 1 diaphragm changed. No coil wires. Any suggestions please?
  2. xl600 carbs

    Hi have stripped/cleaned my xl600 (1984) twin carbs and can't find a pilot jet .... do some carbs do without these jets.... thanks
  3. Africa twin rim cleaning

    Africa Twin
    This as probably been posted before but I would like to know which is the best way to clean africa twin original silver rims? These have not been cleaned for a long time. I Thanks
  4. All clean and ready for MCN

    Africa Twin
    I have been busy getting her all cleaned up and ready for the MCN shoot next weekend. Quite pleased with the results, she looks freshened up and ready to go!:blob7:
  5. Does anyone fancy a TA 600 project?

    I noticed this on ebay, looks like a 1987-88 model with 36,000 miles on it. Honda trans alp project/spares | eBay if you cleaned it up it might make a nice "naked" bike? (as long as you like sanding!)
  6. Please school me on RD03 carbs

    Africa Twin
    The carbs are now out of the carbs. They will be degreased, cleaned up, covers will be zinc plated, and carbs will be rebuilt. I popped the covers and found the rubber diaphragms to be ain good shape. No tear or crack. Nonetheless, I wonder what's the purpose of the pistons and diaphragm. What...
  7. Best way to clean the bash plate

    Africa Twin
    OK plastics cleaned and polished. What is the best way to clean up the bash plate? I've got metal polish but before I polish I need to get it properly cleaned up. What's best? A brillo pad? A wool disc on a drill? Any suggestions or tips greatly appreciated
  8. Oh bugger.

    Africa Twin
    Just cleaned the accumulated winter crappage off the @ and found this nasty on the rear wheel. Is this what I think it is? :rolleyes:
  9. Transalp 650 2006 carb removal help

    Hi I have been struggling with the carbs and need to clean them but need some help to get the carbs off. Does anyone have a step by step to remove the carb or can it be cleaned whilst on the bike I have been looking for a manual but hard to find locally in FRance Thanks
  10. Decat Transalp

    What are the downfalls of a decat of a Transalp 700? I spoke to a mechanic and he advised against it because something had to be cleaned out every 2000km... or something like that. Perhaps someone here could offer some sound advice?
  11. Street tracker: First job done

    Dominator / FMX
    Pleased to announce that the first job on my street tracker is completed. Rear wheel bearings, dust seals ,sprocket and disc are all replaced ,the spokes are all cleaned so thats the first ticked box. Next job is swing arm off and shock to see how the bearings look and if the shock should be...
  12. Lloyd Cooper Watford

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Went in to have the rear tyre replaced and very impressed. I can definitely recommend them - fantastic customer service, lovely staff, very helpful and they even cleaned/lubed the chain when adjusting it. Oh and free coffee/hot chocolate :D:D
  13. 600 st st st stutter

    Got a 96 600 which has an annoying stutter when cruising at 40 to 50 mpg. Starts fine , ticks over fine pulls like a train . Ive cleaned and gapped the plug, tappets etc and new fuel every couple of days. Any ideas . Daz
  14. I had to laugh today

    A ,local guy has got Claudio from the long way downs GS, he loves telling everyone how he bought and has not cleaned it so it stil has the original long way down mud and dust on it , anddoes not take it out in the rain in case the mud and dust gets washed off anyhow there was a MAG show in...
  15. Where do these come from?

    I cleaned my 700 TA the other day, that much road grime on it that I had to use the pressure washer. Afterwards I found two of these rubber 'bumpers' on the floor. Does anybody know what they are for and where they go back? I've had a good luck but I can't see where they've come from. Cheers Karl
  16. Idling - fuel consumption

    Africa Twin
    My AT has the following problem. It the rpm doesnt drop below 2000 when at operating temprature.I have done the following to try and resolve this: cleaned the carbs, balanced the carbs, removed chokes checked and cleaned, adjusted the mixture and turned out the idling control completely still no...
  17. Swing Arm!

    Africa Twin
    Just started to rebuild the bike,frame powder coated engine cleaned and painted and both look good but what to do with the Swing looks a mess doesen't seem to want to polish up any suggestions:(
  18. I've never cleaned a chain!

    Mechanical Advice
    Just seen the other thread on chain lube and I've never cleaned a chain. Okay, my brothers cub 90 in 1975. But, since then, never. I'm not being blase or cavalier, it's probably the mess. Yes, I do a lot of maintenance: Always change oil regularly Keep caliper's clean Copper grease fittings ACF...
  19. Calipers cleaned and feeling chuffed

    Mechanical Advice
    Cleaning out the garage and remembered slight squeak from back brake gave it a good clean then thought while my hands are dirty I should just do the front ones for good measure. All done and a wipe with ACF50, feeling good that the Piel salt did no harm. It had been in the back of my mind...
  20. wasn't broke so I cleaned it , then broke it....

    had the TA out last week end for a long cold and dirty ride over to Tomintoul via the Lecht ski resort.. no snow but very cold.. stopped in the Old fire station cafe for a warm.. some tea and a nice bacon roll.. First bike they have had this year.. very nice folk and biker friendly car park at...