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  1. Sub air filter

    Hello, I was changing my main air filter over the weekend and decided to have a look at the "sub filter" too. part nr 17259-MCB-610, it pretty much disintegrated when i was cleaning it.... so have two question's what does it do (i like to know these things) what can I replace it with, as there...
  2. Standard carb clamp sizes

    Dominator / FMX
    Sorry folks, I'm asking for help again. I'm going to hopefully be cleaning and stripping the carb this weekend and while its out i will be replacing parts as i go. Does anyone know the sizes of the carb manifold clamps for both the air filter and inlet manifold rubbers? I would try and...
  3. Hello and Barn find RD04

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Thanks for the add. I have just started stripping this barn find RD04. The frame is now at the powdercoaters and I am now busy cleaning and sourcing parts! :)
  4. Leaking fuel VA5

    Help please! Bike immaculate,, tank gets damaged but worked fine, full fill ups etc. Tank gets repaired, cracking job. Bike given back with fuel light on???? Got home, decided to go to garage to fill up--- bike cuts out. Put 3 gallons in, still would not start--no smell of petrol. Dropped...
  5. Where does this go?

    Africa Twin
    Good evening I'm in the process of changing the front sprocket on my RD07a. I removed the sprocket cover and then the old sprocket. I was merrily cleaning all the old crud away before fitting the new one when this little fella dropped out. I have no idea where it goes so any help would be...
  6. far should I go!

    Africa Twin
    Hi, My 2001 AT has 18,000 miles on it. It runs poorly and stumbles and vibrates a lot. Over the winter I think a carb strip and rebuild is in order. Any thought as to have far should I go? Remove carb?. Strip? Fit new jets, gaskets, etc? Ultrasconic cleaning? Replace diaphragms (if fitted)...
  7. Fmx 650 sparkplug

    Dominator / FMX
    Good evening all, I'm having problems wondering whether the fmx sparkplug should be a short plug as each time I renew the plug it never seems to go in all the way, I clean threads and put plug in until I feel it stop hard and I can see the crush washer still isn't home, it's been like this since...
  8. Cleaning 21 year old aluminum and other parts

    Dominator / FMX
    OK guys you know I am skint and also tight. I'm waiting on some money around July time which will see me do some costly jobs on the bike and have it back on the road for September. In the meantime I want to do cheap and free jobs. One of them is clean as much as possible. I removed the rear...
  9. Stalls When Breaking After Carb Service

    Africa Twin
    Evening all, I’ve recently observed some strange behaviour on my old lady (RD03 AT with RD04 motor): After I’ve got her back from receiving some routine service incl. carb cleaning and a new choke cable she tends to stall when breaking somewhat stronger whilst simultaneously pulling the...
  10. Dominator cut out - revs drop out

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, Not been around much lately, not had much to report or not been best placed to assist. Have been lurking in the background though. Tonight on the way home from work I had a nightmare. Bike started to cut out from the moment I set off, I initially thought the bike was cold. All the...
  11. Braided lines? Yay or Nay? If yay, which ones?

    Africa Twin
    Alright lads, I'm giving the brake calipers and the brake system a good cleaning and service. All I have to replace are a few rubber boots. Happy days. NOW, I want to get braided performance brake lines. I hear with new disks, pads and braided lines the bike stops great! Is it as simple as...
  12. Lifting the Dommie

    Dominator / FMX
    Today I whiled away a pleasant hour cleaning, oiling and waxing the chain on my Dommie. Jobs like this are so much easier if the rear wheel is off the floor and able to spin freely. I use an old trusty paddock stand for the job. First the white plastic lower chain guard has to come off to...
  13. rear sets webbing

    Africa Twin
    Hi all i am trying to get to grips with my 98 AT ..Whilst cleaning the rear sets i found out why one side doesnt fold so well i have a crack in the pin mount .So i may need to replace .But heres the thing ,they the rear passenger pegs are quite heavy anybody found anything lighter as a...
  14. New to the Forum and inner RIM protecting with 3M 08537 Brushable Seam Sealer

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, My name is Nick, 25 year old Dutchie. I'm new to the Forum and just bought a nice RD03 classic with only 38.000 km on it (not 138.000). Standed still for many years so giving it some TLC. Regular stuff like sticky chokes, maintenance and synchronizing/cleaning the carbs is all done and...
  15. re-starting old AT motor

    Africa Twin
    Hi All i am an old forum member , was on here yr's ago when i lived in the UK. I brought my AT to Australia and its been a rebuild project for the last 5 yrs or so due to house renovations and having kids. I want to see if the motor still goes and have managed to turn the thing over by welding a...
  16. Shock removal

    Dominator / FMX
    I have a Hagon shock absorber on my Dommie. I had an advisory on my recent MOT for “rear suspension bush has slight free play Rear Lower" so I'm going to take the opportunity to get it rebuilt by Hagon as it has done over 20,000 miles. I've never removed a shock before, so I'm looking for help...
  17. Cleaning products

    After covering my winter bike with a coating of ACF 50 to keep the crud off, I was wondering what cleaning products would be the best to get the winter muck and grime off. Its time to clean and service the bike now that winter appears to be over.:thumbup:
  18. Water Pump Coolant Leak

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I recently noticed a coolant leak coming from the inspection hole on the water pump. About a teaspoon of coolant everyday. Discovered the leak after cleaning some engine areas, maybe it was already leaking for some time, not being noticeable because the hole was covered with grease. Any...
  19. Ready for Winter Again!

    Dominator / FMX
    This little bike is mainly used during the colder months when others are put away. What that means is every summer it comes part for a good cleaning and service. This year that took a little longer as in sorting out the jetting, new ACOV diaphragm and new choke it produced a bad stutter around...
  20. Swap: honda cb 500

    XRV Swap Shop
    hi I have a 1999 Honda cb 500 in nice condition with new disc pads, all new wheel bearings, new fork seals with oil, renetek rear rack ,chrome engine bars, renthal handlebars, and with an mot till 11/7/ also has a delkevic stainless road legal silencer with baffle, the new owner will also...