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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    I bunked a day of work last week with a lose friend, we thought Rhossili might be on for paragliding. it was, me in orange Allan in Blue. A perfect day
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Yesterday I abseiled down the cliff at Peacehaven for charity, I would like my achievement to be in memory of one the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing Robert Fradley. [ATTACH=CONFIG]57618[/ATTACH
  3. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Cliff path - YouTube
  4. Africa Twin
    I'm off for a ride to Turkey around October and could really do with headlamp protectors (ive seen the Roads!) the only other way round it is to stay in front but on a 90' RD04 i dont think its possible. I have checked the site and found Bobs CD case idea - i could nick my mums Cliff Richard...
  5. Africa Twin
    Gidday all. new bloke on the block and a bit of history. I brought a mint rdo7 in oct 05 and in may last year the engine lunched it self on the way to austria (at 1.30am somewhere near Nurnburg on a sunday.Great timing eh!) RACd back to blighty and still lanuashing at a mates as im still in...
  6. Other Bikes
    Gave up the idea of the KTM 950, even though I loved the drive I had on it, nowhere to put luggage without burning it up on the exhausts and reliability issues also worried me. Now there's a 2006 R1200GS up for sale USD17,000 or UKP9,000, with 2 years original warranty left on it, 15000kms...
  7. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Waiting for my MOT today I had a gander at the Kawasaki Versys. It's growing on me apart from the full frontal view. Riding position feels very supermoto-like and no gubbins on the front of the motor to pick up road crap. This was nice too.......... yum! Nearly went to get my licence...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    we've got our company xmas piss up in westcliff this friday (8th) i'm planning on being in a pub somewhere from 3pm till 7pm if you fancy meeting up for a pint or two?
  9. Dominator / FMX
    Here are some pics that Alex and I took last Tues in the Upper Blue Mountains. The plan was to ride about 160 clicks to Jenolean Caves from Sydney, then ride the forest trails down to Wombeyan Caves and then return to Sydney via the town of Mittagong. Unfortunatly things did not work out that...
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Never mind worrying about how you'll carry enough tools for that Alpine tour - The Yanks on are more worried about where to put their guns.............. "I've read alot about how and why people carry their sidearm with them on their motorcycle. Read all the arguments about smashed...
  11. Great Roads/Routes
    Speaking to many motorcyclists visiting Ireland from The UK and the rest of europe, I notice many are drawn to Killarney and the Ring of Kerry. No,No No! Why do you want to be stuck behind a queue of tour buses and camper vans on roads that are too narrow and twisting to overtake on? Try...
1-11 of 21 Results