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  1. This is why I throw myself off cliffs

    I bunked a day of work last week with a lose friend, we thought Rhossili might be on for paragliding. it was, me in orange Allan in Blue. A perfect day
  2. Abseil Peacehaven Cliffs

    Yesterday I abseiled down the cliff at Peacehaven for charity, I would like my achievement to be in memory of one the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing Robert Fradley. [ATTACH=CONFIG]57618[/ATTACH
  3. XR400 chain and sprockets

    Hi all, my XR400 I bought is running on a 14/47 combination and runs out of steam at about 60mph. I want to use the bike on green lanes and getting to them. I hear the standard set up is 15/45 but have been advised on a 14-15/42 also. Id be really grateful for some feed back wether any...
  4. its not always sunny weather in Malta :)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok you all... everybody seems to think that it is always nice weather in Malta. well this is a shot from a favourite spot of mine (Ta Cenc Cliffs with a storm brewing). it started to rain really hard some 5 minutes after I took this shot....its a good rough track by the way, there are some fun...
  5. South Downs Way

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Tony Varadero said he wanted to see the South Downs, so he, Meesh and I met at Rykas on Saturday and had a blast down there. We blatted down to Washington, a small town on the South Downs just north of Worthing, and then weaved our way with no real plan along the downs, with a couple of detours...
  6. Coastal Ride - North East Scotland

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    “Wot you doin” “Nothin! Wot you doin” “Run out tomorrow?” “OK. Where & when? And so it came to pass that LWR and meself set out for a Spring Bimble along the northen coast of the North-East of Scotland! We met at a local superish store located in the middle of nowhere, cos it was sort of in...
  7. Bit of local errosion

    They say the worlds landscape is changing and it constantly does but this is only a couple of miles away from me on the north coast and was part of the coastal path. Lucky no-one was walking on it North Cliffs Failure - Amazing Cliff Collapse caught on Camera! - YouTube
  8. carry on up the stelvio.............

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    3 of us took a little 9 day spin down and around switzerland, sorry in advance about the other bikes but the boys just dont have any style.:D it was my intention to do a live report last week whilst doing the journey but i was having trouble with the tablet thingy i borrowed. day 1, just a...
  9. Absolutly freezing moto-x

    Competitions / Trials
    Local clubs been given the use of some extra land for compettions. Today they held their first Moto-x on it so i went to watch for an hour or so. It was held on farmland on the North Cliffs between Portreath and Hayle, the wind blowing in off the sea was bloody freezing but it was a good racing...
  10. HUMM 2010 and Beyond

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    OK so here's my wee TR for the 2010 Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness event in La Molina, and my journey home along the Pyrenees. Hopefully we will get some contributions from the others involved when they get a chance. Here's my DRZ400S ready for the off. And an overview of the whole...
  11. Scotland Tour July 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a fantastic 1,622 mile trip round Scotland. Hit a lot of amazing passes and loads of good biking roads. Putting the rain and midges to the side Scotland is a great place to tour round. Cant wait to go back……here’s the trip and a few photos. Map view on my website
  12. raymo back

    The Longest Day
    well that’s me back 1944 miles too many folk to thank for a great event but must mention.. 05 Raggerty ( GSXR 600R ) and 38 Stageonesimmo ( RD07 ) Brian & I told Richard we would look after Karen when his BM was left at the ferry port in Wales stuck in 6th , and she wanted to...
  13. whitworth quarry this Sunday

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Years ago I used to ride my trials bike at an old quarry a couple of miles north of Rochdale, the place has toilets and a burger van and terrain varying from smooth flat stone paths that you could rollerscate down to sheer cliffs and all gradients in between, it's mainly grass and compact soil...
  14. out in the woods

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    Had a really crap day on it the other week & couldn't figure out what was wrong. I eventually discovered that the head stock bearing is fubar'd. So this morning I had it replaced & after a couple of chores around the house & a run into town I had to try it out with the new bearing. I've...
  15. Scotland & Ireland tour

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all ! Last August I realized one of my favourite tour: Scotland and Ireland. I left Italy going to Amsterdam where I took a ferry to Newcastle upon Tyne. From there I went to Hadrian's Wall just for a cultural visit. Then I went north towards Scotland through fantastic roads in the middle of...
  16. Applecoss and Skye and only one midge bite!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Apologies to Rick, may be meet up next time , set off before I got your PM.. sorry mate Well the weather was superb, and had a weekend to my self.. wife off on a girlie pamper trip with sister & daughter..... soo Dropped them off in Aberdeen a 1400hrs.. 1500hrs tent ( new Kayam biker, need...
  17. After the event

    The Longest Day
    Incase any of you are interested - There is an open 'bike only' drag race meet at RAF Portreath the day after. It's only a few miles off the A30 on the north Cornish coast, you can find out what your bike can do down a section of the finest tarmac on top of the cliffs. There's no need to...
  18. A grand day out.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    As posted on my Ural forum, I thought I'd share with you worthy lot too!! 06-June-08. Set off from home in Tallinn at about 11, coz I'm lazy and everything takes me about 3 times longer than it should.... I rode steadily for about 45 mins that took me South West of the Estonian capital, past...
  19. For anyone interested in touring in Germany

    Just stumbled across this. Sounds real good and can be done in "bits" as the whole thing is around9000km (5000odd miles i guess) long German Motorbike Route The original German Motorbike Route The latest that Germany has to offer motorbike riders is a circuit measuring just under 9,000 km that...
  20. Z's Long way round!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well as everyone on this forum loves LWR and LWD so much i thought i'd do my own version! My plan was to ride from My house in Manchester to meet a friend in Hebden Bridge, then ride to another friend's house in Haverfordwest and back up the welsh coast. 440 miles and two countries in two...