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  1. C90 v Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    Can someone explain to me why the price of a Honda C90 on ebay on most cases seems to be a lot more than a Dominator? I know people are customising both bikes but there seems to be a massive demand for the C90 at the moment. Considering its the best selling bike ever I would have thought there...
  2. Need to change a lightbulb?

    Well the damn thing can stay blown, because there is no way I'd be changing this one!!:puke: Stairway to Safety - Climbing to the top of a 1700 foot tall tower to change a light bulb - YouTube
  3. For Sale: TREK 1.1

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'll put it on here a couple of Days before E-bay. Due to buying a Giant Defy 1, i'm selling my Trek. Very good condition size 56 cm 16 Speed Lugs for Mudguards and rear Rack Comes with a full set of new/unused Brake pads a spare 100 mm Stem and a couple of spare rear Cassettes 28 Tooth...
  4. Highland Emergency

    Anybody watch this on Channel 5 ?? I've been watching it for a while now, home territory y'know ;) I was chatting to a mountain rescue guy I know, tells me he was talking to a fella in the pub a while back, the guy was asking about climbing the Cuillins. The weather wasn't great and the...
  5. any Scottish alpine walkers/climbers on here......

    hi is there anyone in the Aberdeen area who knows a thing or two about alpine walking and climbing? reason i ask is i am wanting some second hand boots off ebay and its hard to tell the condition in the photos, so seeing if anyone round there could have a look for me and report back? any help...
  6. XRV Kids Weekend 2012: new dates, please revote

    The new year has arrived and time to look forward to the summer. So I've been thinking of this years Kids weekend. Fforest fields will welcome us back no problem and they're having new toilet blocks build for this year. Or I could approach my local outdoor group about...
  7. Dam climbing

    I know it's not bikes - but still quite impressive - especially the second one:D YouTube - Dam climbing‏
  8. Climbing a big hill for Diabetes UK

    The Longest Day
    Hi guys, Having recently been diagnosed with diabetes, (that'll teach me to eat tons of sweets and coke) I decided to do something to help Diabetes UK to fundraise for the excellent work they do. SO Im doing a sponsored climb up Ben Nevis in May, whilst pushing my AT up. Only joking about the...
  9. Hill Climbing on a Serow

    Set myself a target recently - the top of a local mountain - Ben Rinnes - all 804m of it! Well today I did it :D A view from the top Big Rocks Big Skies & wind turbines The way down - look carefully and you can just make out the track The view back to the top And finally, the view...
  10. 35000 miles and climbing

    Africa Twin
    Yep the old girl passed the 35000 mark today thats 20000 miles I have ridden her still going strong.:thumbup: Only had top do the front break seals up to down and the usual service stuff
  11. Extreme hill climbing in austria - info needed

    Hi ya. Just wondering if you could help me. Im looking for information for the red bull extreme hill climbing in austria but not the iron giant event. ie dates etc. Going to be traveling from the uk. Cheers
  12. Simon and Phoenix climbing BEN NEVIS to raise money

    Hi all, Simon and I are taking part in a sponsored climb of Ben Nevis during St. Partricks Weekend 16th-18th March, to try and raise funds for the charity I work for in Northern Ireland. :thumb: The Link Family and Community Centre came into being in January 1997. It was an attempt to make a...