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  1. Transalp
    The reason I ask is I emailed via the "contact us" page about trying to get the "ebay/gumtree part one thread" closed (so people don't keep replying), but never got a reply ???
  2. Transalp
    Hi all. My choke won't stay open on my bike. I can Pull it open revs pick up all perfect but it seems Like there is a bit of force pulling the lever back closed? Can't seem to work it out. Has anyone come across Is there anything to adjust? Your wisdom would be much appreciated. Cheers...
  3. Transalp
    Anyone recognise this sad looking black 650 TA in E1 ? Spotted the post in the facebook closed group 'The UK Motorcycle Theft Protest.' Ignition in the locked position, handlebars in the busted steering lock position ... GRRR !
  4. Transalp
    Hi to all! Have been toying with the idea of swapping my 650 with a 2015 NC750X. It's new but it's not the latest model. My main concern is the EFI... what's it like on low throttle openings? I've also heard many bikers complain that throttle may be snatchy / jerky when opening from closed...
  5. Africa Twin
    Does anyone out there know if Belay's of Twickenham became or was sold to another Honda Dealer? I have a service booklet that is stamped by the dealership and I'm trying to get some additional information. I called Honda UK this AM but they couldn't tell me if another dealership bought them...
  6. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am selling my Vara to purchase a crosstourer, I have put it on ebay but am looking for £4000, I have enclosed a link. HONDA VARADERO XL 1000 V-7 WITH LOTS OF EXTRA'S | eBay Thanks for any interest Justin
  7. Helmets
    Looking to get a new helmet and the place I would go to has closed down where on-line would you recommend and where physical would you recommend in the central belt of God's country :D
  8. Travel
    Heads up - Anyone planning to enter Asia via Nepal coming in from China, please know that due to it being 'Year of the Horse' pilgrims are celebrating in cities Tingri and Ngari and border is closed until first of September. Ran in to 3 very upset Italians touring that now have to ship bikes...
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    Selling my (superb condition) FJR. Bought it on 8K its now done almost 25K I bought it mainly for the work run which was a seventy mile road trip every day. Retired now and don't need her, as I have my @T to ride these days. I've enclosed a few pictures for you to get an Idea of her condition...
  10. XL
    ...when you have an XL. Took the scenic route back after the 'milk run', and despite the clear message of 'don't bother', I did. Very satisfying, wet boots not dampening the enjoyment. Can't wait to get this thing fettled and registered properly, then it's of to Achill Island to do the...
  11. Transalp
    Hi guys, has any one got any suggestions for handguards for the 650? I was looking at BarkBusters but they're pricey albeit very good. There's got to be a cheaper enclosed guard, ideally nice and wide to deflect the wind but with a reinforcement not just plastic. Will any other brands fit the...
  12. Transalp
    The throttle grip won't return to closed position as it should. I used some kind of silicone based grease (same grease I used to the brakes) and I just want to know what is your recommendation. I'm not sure that is the problem, but I have to remove it anyway to find the problem and I would use...
  13. Transalp
    Only looking for reassurance really. Just got a 2005 TA, and there seems to be a bit of a mechanical ' whine ' on closed throttle/engine braking. Pretty sure it's normal, but my last bike was loud and I never heard all the engine noises, so didn't worry. Cheers in advance peeps !!
  14. Chatter
    Just noticed one of the local Honda dealers has closed its doors. Pidcocks Honda have relinquished their Honda dealership. The premises remain and they have moved their Triumph dealership there. Oh well, thats where I used to go for bits etc.
  15. Chatter
    Can you believe it? Garmin has closed its helpdesk today because of the snow. What are they - a school?
  16. Chatter
    Heine Gericke UK in administration as of yesterday. Maybe the flood of 'special offer' emails I get from them will subside now... Not closed yet, still being run by administrators but I guess there will be cuts as a minimum, shame for the staff, I know how it feels...
  17. Africa Twin
    Well after an hour of wading through my list of needed parts and amassing an expensive shopping cart of goodies, I took a break and went for coffee - only to arrive back at my computer to see the basket was empty! Mutter, mutter, mutter...... Not sure why CMS would limit the basket like this...
  18. Chatter
    Where do you hide your Viagra? I favour that chassis tube which goes from one side to the other on the AT, just below the tank. I keep my spare bulbs in there too, closed with a bung. :color:
  19. Transalp
    I have some mugs to clear now that the shop is closed. £3.50 posted to clear. PM me if you want one. Payment by PayPal gift only. I'll give you the email addy to send the money to when you PM. DO NOT SEND THE MONEY TO THE OLD XRV PAYPAL ADDRESS. Thanks Dave
1-19 of 27 Results