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  1. Stop the government closing green lanes

    Dominator / FMX
    Stop the government closing green lanes Hi All Stop the government closing access to the countryside for bikers Click this link to sign the petition "No closures for legal routes for motorcycle trail riding without new provision."...
  2. French fuel crisis

    Just rode 500 miles through France without any problems. No queues no closures no crisis as far as I'm aware. Took an extra 10 litres in 2 × 5ltr jerry cans just in case but not needed. It has rained constantly. It's early morning day 2 and I'm in Bellac now looking out of my hotel window at...
  3. Green Lanes on BBC4

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Just watched an hour long programme about the Peak District National Park, basically was about the residents trying to ban ALL green laning and it looks like they are getting the ear of the local and park authorities. I've never riden the Peak Park (or any girl with a similar name :)) but it...
  4. Is this how to commit commercial suicide by YouTube?

    I don't know how many have already seen this but somehow I missed it. Being Bath, it's fairly local to me. Bath can be a bit of a nightmare with road closures and traffic issues in abundance. When someone is filmed causing an obstruction they take exception to the guy filming and the woman...
  5. Larf To Take On Yorks Dales lane closures.

    #1 Today, 16:30 basil Fetus Moto Join Date: Jun 2006 Location: west yorks Posts: 22 Larf To Take On Yorks Dales lane closures. Help out the larf TAKE ON YORKS DALES NATIONAL PARK after ecent 8 lane closures
  6. Seasonal Byeway closures

    I was out playing yesterday and was having difficulty finding any Byeways in the area that did not have seasonal closures on them e.g "closed to motor vehicles between October to May" then one lane had a clear sign saying except motorcycles, so I drove it. I later found another with a TRO which...