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  1. Clothing Shops

    Just wondering whether anyone can suggest any motorcycle clothing shops in the north Wales / north west region that stock a good range of leather trousers? (Or a shop near Leicester as I'm over that way on a course next week.)I'm in need of a pair but can't find any that fit correctly in my...
  2. Heated clothing

    I'm looking for any personal recommendations on heated jacket liners for winter commuting. I've looked at the Keis X25, the Gerbing 12V jacket liner, and the EXO2 StormRider. Are there any others I should consider? Would there be a big difference in warming ability between sleeved and...
  3. JTS BIker Clothing

    Hi All I just bought a set of Cordura trousers from JTS Biker Clothing of Coalville near Leicester As I'm 6'3" with a long inside leg it was nice to visit a website that quoted the actual length of the leg rather than short, medium, long or extra long. I found their site really easyto navigate...
  4. Elefant Treffen

    Hi, I've been thinking of doing one for several years an have just been reminded by a brief article in MCN that made it sound like Mad Max on ice. I would love to go at some point before my aging body say Nah and where did I put my blanket and slippers. I have a good XL700v from 2012 so think I...
  5. Hein Gericke or Richa Jackets, Newbie advice required

    I'm a newbie needing some advice re: clothing. I've just bought a 600 Transalp and am looking for some all weather touring/commuting kit. I'd like something that represents value for money so I don't mind spending a bit more if i'm getting something that is more durable/versatile etc. I've read...
  6. Slippy Dave....

    Any advice you lovely people ?
  7. Instructables Heated Clothing

    Bodgers Corner
    Is it really this easy to stay warm when you're an all year round biker? DIY carbon tape heated trousers Bob
  8. Clothing Store - Birmingham

    Any recommendations for motorcycle clothing shops in and around Birmingham/Wolverhampton area? Looking for somewhere to browse and try on gloves, boots, etc. Googling throws up J&S in Deritend, and Bikers World in Coleshill. Anyone used either store? Any good? Iain
  9. Trail bike hire in Central France, Limousin

    New for summer 2014, Ridelimousin is now offering trail bike hire as well as guided trail riding tours. You can fly into Limoges airport from the UK and we can provide airport pickup, protective clothing and everything you need! Please see our website for more info and prices. A few pics of...
  10. For Sale: Clothing Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Difi Ventura Adventure suit. XXL Jacket size 46-48 chest, XL trousers size 36 waist This has a removable Quilt liner and also a removable waterproof liner in Both Jacket and Trousers, it also benefits from having many vent zips. Again this has been treated with Nikwax. One of the popper buttons...
  11. Infinity Motorcycles - Oxford

    Alex George, the motorcycle clothing and accessory shop next to the H Cafe at Dorchester-on-Thames suddenly went bust about three weeks ago. It went overnight and not even the staff knew it went out of business! Well as of yesterday, Infinity Motorcycles have bought the shop and re-opened it...
  12. insect repellent patches

    Any one used them? Been out of the loop too long as I'd never heard of them. Saw a fb like me link and warning bells started to ring, thought it was a scam. On searching further found a few firms that sell them, ie Amazon. Any tried them? Found vie patch on Amazon which apply to the skin like...
  13. 25% Discount on Bike Insurance for forum members

    Discounts / Deals
    As a forum member you are eligible for up to 25% off your Bike Insurance through Bikesure. Bikesure offers a wide range of schemes to cover most aspects of forum member discounted policies including: Discounts for UKGSer Subscribers, Limited mileage discounts, Multi-bike policies, Cover for...
  14. France - helmets and reflective stickers.

    This is a new one on me - France: compulsory reflective stickers on all helmets. The idiotic compulsory reflective clothing issue has been dealt with on here before, and it has been scrapped anyway. So, what's with the reflective stickers on helmets? 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks...
  15. Docklands Riders youth day 9th April 2013

    got this by email today, in case anyone is interested. I took both my sons there and I was very impressed with it. Steve (the instructor) is really good with kids. Bikes and good quality riding gear was all provided and included in the price. "Hi all, Docklands Riders are holding a youth...
  16. Spada Clothing

    I was looking through the wemoto website and found a Spada Jacket and Trousers combined cost £56. I decided to order a set. The Jacket: SPADA Motorcycle Helmets and Clothing |Textile Jackets|Textile Jacket 912 Black and the Trousers: SPADA Motorcycle Helmets and Clothing |Textile...
  17. M&P selling RST jackets from £50 (clearance)

    Found this in my inbox today. Seems M&P are selling off some stock at £60 off. If you're in need of a new jacket maybe worth a look Motorbike Clothing-Motorcycle Clothing-Helmets-Motorbike Helmets-Motorcycle Helmets John
  18. Touring jacket

    Hi, does anybody know the clothing brand Roleff? Any experience with the brand? I am about to buy a jacket on Louis but cant find any customer reviews or info on the web regarding this particular jacket. ROLEFF JOE LUCKY 2, - Louis - Motorrad & Freizeit It is a great deal and looks to be a...
  19. RFX Enduro Trousers

    Hi All. Anyone got these trousers are they any good ?? RFX RACEWEAR SINISALO STYLE ADULT ENDURO OR TRAIL RIDING PANT SIZE 38" WAIST | eBay