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    A lovely track from our campsite to the Spanish Coastal town of Peniscola, yes and it is pronounced peeniscola. 20 kilometres in the mid 20's. Perfect. Oh and that's the wife, not me. Yes I know it's a Honda but the bike you cannot see is an XT 350
  2. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    A group of Milemunchers are going to take a gentle ride through the Coastal lanes through Hampshire and Devon to Weymouth for Ice Creams Meeting at Rownham Services, M27 West Bound. at 10am. should finish by 4.30 for the run home. All welcome
  3. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Since we have not been to Scotland for a while we decided to do another Haggis run. Leave Sunday, go up to the Lake district camp there for a night. Than up the westcoast to the isle of Skye. Stay a few days on Skye than on to Ullapool via the coastal rd. Few days Ullapool than home via...
  4. Yamaha
    35°59'20.01"N 14°19'44.89"E - Cirkewwa, Malta. Bugger, just missed the 10:30 ferry. Later, 36° 1'9.68"N 14°17'18.82"E - Xatt l-Ahamar, Gozo. From within the cooling waters. After, 36° 1'4.41"N 14°16'57.99"E - Xatt l-Ahamar, Gozo. Along the coastal path, pause to pose with TTR250 and pale...
  5. Chatter
    They say the worlds landscape is changing and it constantly does but this is only a couple of miles away from me on the north coast and was part of the coastal path. Lucky no-one was walking on it North Cliffs Failure - Amazing Cliff Collapse caught on Camera! - YouTube
  6. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just been out today practicing for July,so we headed out down the M4 towards Camarthen. At Camarthen we headed west. First stop was at Pembroke docks which is the first castle in Wales on our tour. Now the plan today was to recce all of the stopping points in Wales unfortunately MR Mabel...