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  1. Coasting

    I'm talking about coasting in a car, but there's no reason why you can't do it on a bike (although they seem to have a lot more drag). From the day I started driving, it was always drummed into me that "coasting is a no-no". Coasting for those that don't know, or are from foreign shores, is...
  2. weird dommie idle problem

    Dominator / FMX
    just managed to get a vid up on youtube its not great but it makes the sound at 5 and 21 secs hi again folks the last few days ive been having this weird problem were some times my bike wont idle its intermittent but its been...
  3. strange vibrating noise when decelerating

    Africa Twin
    been riding the bike alot over the past few months and noticed a horrible noise when i shut off coming up to a junction a coasting down a steep hill. i read a few posts on here and some say about a dodgy cam chain tensioner ,and some say it could be the bash plate,i removed the bash plate this...
  4. My disc ate my caliper.

    Africa Twin
    I replaced my front disc (OEM), with a custom wave disc on my RD03 a couple months back. After replacing the disc and the pads, I started getting squealing from the front end, typical of a set of pads that needed to be replaced (even though I just replaced them.) After a week of thinking that...
  5. Clutch problem ??

    Hi ive got a 650 alp with a problem :) how can i explain it ,,, well when i pull up at a junction in first and have the clutch half pulled in say, semi coasting ,or in traffic or at lights etc there is a clunking noise from the box or clutch as if the gear is not engaged propely , it only...
  6. petrol tank capacity?

    Dominator / FMX
    i've just started using my dommie to commute. reading book it says fuel capacity is 13 litres and 2.5 reserve =15.5l. i got 160km and had to switch to reserve. got 10km to garage and filled up but only got 11litres and the tank was brimmed. totally full. if i used only a little reserve fuel...
  7. Sprockets,yet again!!

    Bear with me folks. Earlier this year i bought a well used 03 Alp, it did have a recent new C&S set, due to "circs" I've not been able to cover many miles yet. When about to refit my rebuilt back wheel I decided to give the back end of the bike a good going over. The back sprocket and chain...
  8. xr400 stutter

    hi all. new to this forum. wanting to know if someone can help me with a mid rpm mid throttle engine miss. I have a 98 xr400 with derestricted inlet (aussie model) baffle in can removed. bike has been running fine for many years and suddenly this strange miss. I have removed/cleaned the carb...
  9. Clutch Drag? Chain too tight?

    Africa Twin
    A little unsure ? :confused: Have just had new chain and sproket set fitted ( OE ) . Puling lovely sounds fine , but when coming of accelerator and coasting in gear under engine braking ,there is a "whirring ?" niose ?. Noise disapears when clutch applied . If chain is too tight , would...
  10. Is my bike being fuelish?

    Africa Twin
    It seems there are 20 pages of threads about "fuel" for the AT, and a lot of them also mention the word "pump". At the weekend having filled the tank, I did a fairly reliable 50 miles on my bike. I had an unscheduled breakdown on the dual carriageway at 55mph when the engine revs suddenly...
  11. Wiring diagram

    Has anyone the wiring diagram of the 2008 Transalp, with ABS. I am trying to find out where the ABS sensors connect up to and if or if not there is any type of electric controller apart from the modulator Also. To all ABS transalp riders. A couple of questions. If the motor is off and you...
  12. Rumblings and odd noises

    Africa Twin
    Dear All, Can anyone guide me as to the reason I might be getting a rumbling noise when the the engine is not 'loaded' i.e. when coasting to a stop. This noise is more evident when carrying weight. My initial thoughts were drive sproket bearings as there is no noise evident when accelerating...
  13. what fuel economy can i expect.

    Hi all what fuel economy can i expect from a transalp, mainly coasting at 60mph back and forth to work. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated thanks. Mitch.
  14. Fuel Pump - Sound familiar?

    Africa Twin
    My AT's fitted with a Mikuni? vacuum fuel pump. Works fine except when the main tank runs dry. Half the time the bike stalls and I have to pull over and wait for up to 25 minutes before it will start again. This is not much fun as it's a bit tricky coasting from the fast lane onto the hard...
  15. HELP!Just bought an RD04 and need an opinion fairly quickly!

    Africa Twin
    HELP!! I've just treated myself to an RD04 to replace my missing RD03, and need an opinion on something that happened on the way home. The bike is straight but tatty, and after a 10 minute test ride (today) I thought I'd definitely have it. Anyway, on the 80 mile ride home, I noticed that...
  16. SW-Motech bars crash tested

    Africa Twin
    A couple of weeks back I was off to a training course in Harlow (I know, I know) and was just coming off the M11 at Junction 7. As I get on the slip road there was no traffic in front of me but the lights at the top were red so I eased off the throttle and began coasting up the slip road in the...