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  1. Wanted: Ian coates

    For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted cdi for 1990 rdo4.& 2 front discs. And for a 1995 rdo7 center stand .
  2. Helicopter heros

    Today at 11.30 Ian Coates will be featured in helicopter Heros after he fell through his barns floor and had to be flown to hospital. Got to be worth a laugh:thumbup: He is now , his words " Fit as a butchers dog" now BBC1 11.30:thumbleft:
  3. Ian Coates. A true gent!

    Africa Twin
    Just got home from the NEC bike show. The highlight was meeting Ian Coates and his 300,000 mile Africa Twin. Lovely chap.
  4. Ian Coates @ Manchester Bike Show

    As most of you know of Ian Coates, He is in Holand now and soon arriving back home. He will be at the Manchester Bike Show on the 12 and 13 Jan. .. Happy New Year and all the best for 2013 .. Ride Safe :thumbup:
  5. Happy Birthday Ian Coates

    Its a bit late but Happy Birthday Ian.:occasion6::occasion7::occasion4::occasion9: Hope you enjoyed the day where ever you are.
  6. Update on Ian Coates - Riding Around the World

    Hello everyone, I have recently heard once again from our good friend, Ian Coates, who has been making his way around the world on his Africa Twin since 1999 and he would like me to post his most recent update..... All the best and safe riding!!! Dee DEE WOULD YOU PLEASE POST THIS FOR ME: I...
  7. Ian Coates 10 year adventure

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks, my name's ian coates and i left the uk in 1999 to ride around the world on my '92 africa twin. Since then i've racked up 148,500 miles and ridden in the following countries:- from the most southern point in africa to yorkshire in the uk, completely around the outside of australia and...