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  1. Clever piece of engineering

    The Marin Trail is a great MTB route loated in the Gwdyr Forest between Betws-y-coed and Llanrwst If you squint at the map you can see the Welsh Dragon !!
  2. South to North Wales 30th nov 1st dec

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Looking to go for a weekend away , leaving the swansea valley on the 30th and returning on the 1st or second , Ive booked provisionally for four ppl that im aware of , if anyone fancies a spin let me know before the end of the week as the hostel that were staying in needs confermation of numbers...
  3. Wales Tour - Rideout Report

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Wales Tour - Rideout Report - Part 1 The Wales Tour – 5-9 March 2007 (Sponsored by Mars…) . PLEASE NOTE THIS REPORT IS IN 3 PARTS DUE TO PHOTO AND CHARACTER LIMITS - ANY RESPONSES PLEASE USE PART 3 ;) . Well, we’re now back safe & sound! The following took part in the trip… . . Left home at...
  4. A few days away - Between 11-19 Nov - Snowdonia/West Wales

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I have got a week off work coming up - 11-19 November - and want to spend at least three/four days of it on the bike around Snowdonia and then along the west coast to Pembrokeshire. Ideally this will include one day walking up Snowdon. I'm looking at Bunkhouse accommodation - cheap 'n'...
  5. Tinkwltoes and bolts (again)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, myself and the lovely Mr Mabel went again on a little trip this weekend. We travelled up to north wales with minimal use of the main roads. It was a fantastic ride. The plan was to ride up on friday night, meet up with our Mountain rescue mates climb and walk on saturday, pub saturday...
  6. Dragon Rally 2006

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Dragon Rally, 11/12 Feb. It's near Betwys-y-coed, Snowdonia national park, north Wales. Has anyone from here been or going? From what I gather it's a "soft" version of the Elephant Rally in Bavaria :? Phil
  7. Wales

    Great Roads/Routes
    Spent the weekend camping in Betws-y-coed with a few of mates. Did lots of riding around the area but found 1 particular route of interest. The following place names are taken from multimap - the route is easly identifiable from there. In addition I cannot confirm that this is a "legal" route...