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  1. Left front fairing panel needed. XL650V 2001

    Just finished the bike, all painted and looking good. Went for a ride today. Stopped off for a coffee. Put my left foot down and into a pot hole, hence the bike went over and trashed the left front fairing panel:mad: So if anyone has one going for a fair price, I would be very happy man. Also...
  2. Day trip to Porto Germeno

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This is a day trip for coffee in a place near Athens called Porto Germeno.Fantastic route that goes up to the mountain and then heads back to the sea and ends next to the sea.In the summer is croudy but this time of the year is great Enjoy
  3. Thursday Night Rykas Meet

    It has been a few years since we last had a meeting at Rykas on a Thursday evening. So does anyone fancy it for this week? I do believe they have a new blend of coffee, the water from the winter floods.
  4. Sunday morning coffee ride

    Ride Reports and Pictures
  5. Living Dolls

    On Monday 6th January, Channel 4 aired one of the weirdest programmes I've ever seen. It was a hot topic at work for quite a few days, and I just wondered if any of you normal XRV folk had seen it, and what you thought? It's still on 4OD for those of you that have eaten and fully digested your...
  6. Maintainance day 5th oct

    After speaking with Whealie, I'm opening up our consolidation centre to him to carry out work on his bike on sat 5th october as I need to go in for work! If anyone else wants to pop along to work on their bikes in a secure, dryish enviroment then please let me know - I will provide a jetwash...
  7. Lloyd Cooper Watford

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Went in to have the rear tyre replaced and very impressed. I can definitely recommend them - fantastic customer service, lovely staff, very helpful and they even cleaned/lubed the chain when adjusting it. Oh and free coffee/hot chocolate :D:D
  8. abergaveny

    Africa Twin
    hereford / mid wales At owners may go for a ride out to abergaveny bus station tommorrow, should be there about mid day if anyone else is mad enough to come out for a coffee :D
  9. A little camp?

    Disaster... I've run out of coffee. OK not too much of a disaster but I do like a cuppa and the coffee I thought I had in the cupboard is not there so we are out. Well almost. I've found a bottle (yes a bottle) of Camp Coffee which is a rare Scottish delicacy form about 100 years ago. No...
  10. 2013 maintenance day..

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    In East London, big warehouse, coffee, tea, jetwash etc looking at end march - any interest?
  11. Londons calling

    Or it's called :D:D short notice job and I'm in Shepherds bush already, got Tues night free and most of wednesday, any out there bored I'm not on the bike so its coffee or sherbert, depending on when we can meet
  12. Day out in Brighton

    Pete and i are going to Brighton Friday evening and will be going home Saturday afternoon, if any one fancies meeting up for coffee please let us know. Debs
  13. CMSNL.COM ShoppingCart.......mutter mutter Mutter

    Africa Twin
    Well after an hour of wading through my list of needed parts and amassing an expensive shopping cart of goodies, I took a break and went for coffee - only to arrive back at my computer to see the basket was empty! Mutter, mutter, mutter...... Not sure why CMS would limit the basket like this...
  14. The perfect Chrismas day

    Bed at 1am after sneaking all the prezzies in and a few shandys, Up at 6.30am all excited to see if Santa had been. He had, So the next couple of hours finding batterys for toys etc and setting password on mini burners new ipad, Inlaws arrived Wonderful Turkey dinner cooked by the wifey and...
  15. proper coffee when camping

    Saw this GSI Ultralight Java Drip | Coffee Maker | Ultralight - Trailblazer Outdoors -
  16. Just popping out for Coffee

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I was very miserable this morning and even though had planned to go out on the bike decided to sulk at nothing and not go. Jay phone me at 930 and told me to goout and meet phil and MoM for coffee. A few phone calls and 40 minutes later I sat at Coryton petrol station waiting for Phil on the...
  17. HELP - need a coffee!

    Morning Folks, Any good people out there within a couple of hours of Milton Keynes fancy putting the kettle on? I need to get out for a ride for a few hours. Please help a needy XRV'er!! Thanks.
  18. Coffee at the Ace? 15/06/2008

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    So who is up for a coffee at the Ace? Deb and i will be there on Sunday the 15th at around10ish maybe i can convince deb to ride through the big City on her new Bike:D:D
  19. Cup of coffee at Rykas on Saturday???

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Deb and i taken a easy cruise down to Brighton the long way round on Saturday so we wondered if anyone fancy's a cuppa at Rykas at around 3pm??:cool::cool: See you there?
  20. Wish me luck.......I`m just about to WEAR a cup of coffee

    Don`t read this if you have a phobia of dentists........which I do...:sad5: I broke part of a tooth last know,that Muesli Moment....CRUNCH,oh FECK....that wasn`t a piece of nut or seed :( Buggerit.... Whats`s that sharp edge I can feel ??? You guessed it......big chunk of the...