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  1. What would you expect to pay for 4th gear? (the 2 cogs that that is)

    Africa Twin
    I've had a PM from a forum member who by looking at old threads found out I had an old gearbox in bits. From memory, all gears were ok except for 3rd. He only wants the 2 cogs that make up 4th (22t and 28t). I doubt they are worth much but if they are worth summat I don't wanna give em away...
  2. Bicycle advice please! Need to remove the rear cogs.

    Hi, Do we have any resident bicycle guru's?? I seem to remember we do. Anyway. I have a cheap bike, but the lad has been riding it and snapped the rear axle. I've bought a new axle from Halfords for a tenner but I can't see how to get the rear gears off. I think I need a special tool. Does...