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  1. Mechanical Advice
    Hi, Can anyone tell me or even better show me pictures of the differences between magneto rotors on an RD04, RD07 or transalp. The motor I bought a while ago only had one pulse coil and the magneto has eight little bumps near the edge. My motor has two pulse coils now as per the recesses in the...
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    I have a spare set of used coils for sale For a carb'd Varadero 1000 £20 delivered on the mainland UK Pm if interested
  3. XR
    Hi all Can someone please advise me my bike has no spark but lights come on when using kickstart have checked plug and cap all seam good I have looked at the stator coils and have seen a small amount of damage Is this enough to cause the problem Hope to attach a pic Thanks in advance Rich
  4. Africa Twin
    Hi can anyone help with coil questions. I see there are some on eBay but listed as numbers 1-4, are they not the same coils with different leads and caps? If they are numbered how do I tell which number is which? Where's the best place for spares for this bike ? Thanks in advance for any help
  5. Africa Twin
    so i was reading practical sportsbikes the other day, they recommend and in fact did a feature on replacing existing 1990's coils with modern stick ones, with all the benefits of newer tech. has anyone considered this with an @twin? im already running a programmable ignitech CDI along with...
  6. Africa Twin
    help ! I am building an RD07A from parts of two bikes. Does anyone have photos of all the rubber pipework and where to connect it. Also photos of the wire attachments to the coils , just to make sure I dont wire up wrong. Finally I have a small metal part about 50mm long ,looks like a bracket...
  7. XL
    Hi, can anyone tell me which is the Headlamp lighting coil ...... ... is it the small paper covered coil or the one that sits on top of it or the larger coil that sits opposite the other two coils. cheers
  8. Transalp
    Hello This is my first post in the for him so be gentle :) OK so to set the scene a little I haven't had my xl600 long and dicided to give it a service. I have replaced oil, oil filter, spark plugs, and cooling fluid which all went well however after doing all this I ran her until warm and I...
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    No sparks. Replaced CDI unit and coils. So,I'm thinking this is where the problem is. Wemoto /Silvers state this part is no longer available. Anyone have a spare set for sale or know of somewhere to look ? Cheers.
  10. Transalp
    Hi all im currently at the start of rebuilding my africa twin into a trans alp frame and was wondering if anyone had a picture of where the coils are mounted?they seem to be differnt to the RD07. cheers cam
  11. Transalp
    Please Help! My 1998 transalp refuses to start whenever it has rained or been cold and damp. When left to dry in the sun she starts and runs well. I know this could be anything electrical and was thinking of replacing the ignition coils to start with. Any ideas what else to try. Many Thanks
  12. Transalp
    Read in Practical classic bike mag about fitting Stick coils to older bikes. Read elsewhere that they need to be matched to the electrical system of the bike? What's your experience/advice?
  13. Africa Twin
    I am restoring an RD04. My spearkplug wires are 20 years old and are stiff as a board. I would like to replace them with new supple and reliable wires. Is there an easy way to separate the wires from the coils or are they manufactured as a single one piece unit? Every automobile I have owned had...
  14. Africa Twin
    Right the last thing to sort is the taco , does it take its feed of one of the coils ?
  15. XL
    Hi all, I have just obtained I think a 1976 XL250 K3, it looks like the coil is defective. The coil has a condenser on which makes me question if it is a K3 or not as these appear not to have the condenser. Question, are there other coils which will fit a 76, the later 78 units appear to be...
  16. XL
    Hi all, anyone know if the XL 600R and 600V share the same ignition coil? a bloke is selling them cheap on ebay, and as of last night I need one:( New Ignition HT Coil Honda XL600 84-86 I recieved an email back from the seller and they said 'hi there this is for the xl600 not the r...
  17. XL
    To my understanding there are 3 coils producing 3 separate live feeds, one to the headlight only, one to the ignition for spark, one for all other lights/battery recharging. If I suspect the ignition coil as gone down! could i test by perhaps using the hesdlight coil feed to power the ignition...
  18. Africa Twin
    Hello ! I have some problems with a RD03 : some time ago one of the CDI units burned . The engine runed perfect until then(30.000 km after I bought it), so I concluded that it just broke. I ordered a new one and instaled it , not on the same place ( same line ) with the broken one ...
  19. Dominator / FMX
    FMX650, FX650 etc etc. Are the ignition coils all the same? After looking for an ignition coil for my FMX650 and no luck, i looked at some of the other models and they appear to be identical. They all have the same engine anyway. So it will be fine to buy one for another model and use on mine...
  20. Africa Twin
    Hi all, Before i get my carbs overhauled (god knows how much that'll cost) to try to eliminate them from my mysterious misfire, is there any way of checking the coils to elimate them first ?? You can still get 3 of the 4 coils new. I would presume that the 4 coils are only 2 different types (...
1-20 of 21 Results