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  1. Start Saving!

    As the pilot points out, you could easily spend £35k on a Ducati. I think I better get a big jar to put my £1 coins in. :toothy5:
  2. coins

    Well I never
  3. Transalp 600 centre stand question

    I'm having no luck getting the TA on its stand. true, I am an 11-stone weakling but I don't have any problems with other bikes. So I suspect it might well be that the stand is all cacked-up. Has anyone serviced theirs? I recall reading that the springs are tricky to get on and need pound coins...
  4. Round the Coast for Cancer

    Charity Events
    Ok, I know, it's that time of year when you can't move for Charity events and people trying to prise even the smallest of coins from out of your poor cold hands, but please spare a minute to check this out. This guy is going to give up his Christmas and New Year this year to ride a bike all...
  5. Great travel story

    If you fancy a good read, check out a friend's blog at Simon's travelling overland to Dehli on a Transalp 650 and has had a few adventures on the way to say the least. He's currently in Amritsar and nearing the end of the journey. If you feel so moved, you...
  6. A-Z of TLD 2009

    The Longest Day
    I've made a start (some are a bit tenuous) - please add your own and I’ll edit them in to this original A is for: Accommodation – I stayed in the student digs at Pollock Halls. The room was wallpapered with dead cats (either that or previous occupiers had tried swinging theirs). The nylon...
  7. centre stand spring

    Africa Twin
    My centre stand had rotted. So bad was it that I had to buy an angle grinder to cut through it. First I put the bike on a paddock stand up the kerb to give me more height to work with. Eventually it pinged loose and I could knock out the axle. When it came to fitting the new one I...
  8. Win a Hein Gericke Voucher worth £25.00

    The Longest Day
    Last year Simon won the Hein Gericke Voucher for correctly guessing the amount of marbles in the jar. (Mel if you're reading I still have the jar for you mate :D:thumbright: as she thought your entry was the funniest :D) This year, my youngest wants to help raise funds for Make A Wish...
  9. Battery monitor

    Mechanical Advice
    I've been messing about with my soldering iron again and have built the Homemade Battery Monitor as detailed in the Wiki - The coins give some idea of the size of the gizmo. It's about 70 x 42 mm or 2 3/4 by 1 3/4 inches. The...
  10. Fitting a centrestand

    this is just for info really - yesterday I fitted a centrestand to my Transalp. The process was very straightforwards - except for fitting the spring. After some trial :confused: and error :blob6:the eventual method adopted was as follows: 1. attach the spring to a trolley-jack securely by...
  11. I have seen her, no i need some advice please

    Africa Twin
    I just come back from a very wet romford where i had a look at a @. She looks in good nick but!!!! there are signs that she has been down. nothing serious but scratches on the handle barends(both sides) and a small dent in the tank the size of maybe 2 two pound coins.the paint work is still ok...
  12. Dealer only part?

    Africa Twin
    I thought 'd steal this topic to announce I finally managed to split the caliper from its bracket today using gallons of WD40 and even more amounts of strong language. This is what the slider looked like on the bracket-side: I realise that is a bad picture (as most of mine are) but in reality...