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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Doing a European tour in May and want to take a Phad x3 Anybody got one for sale? Thanks John
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    Time to upgrade the family tent. The old one has to go and, if anyone here is interested here it is. The tent is a few years old but still in good conditions(all poles ropes peg and pins present). Very spacious it can accommodate up to 9 people. Bad bits: a) a small pin hole on the ground sheet...
  3. Product Reviews
    Since I sold my Kyamm I been looking for a replacement tent which is lighter and packs smaller. I thought the Coleman Phat 3 would do the job but it turns out I am about 2 inch to tall for the tent. Ticks all the boxes regarding pack size and weight but I push the inner onto the outer tent with...
  4. Mechanical Advice
    Not for a bike, but for my Coleman stove that is need of a bit of TLC after several years of being plonked down on wet grass etc. Hammerite would be perfect to stop any rust spots etc, but I do not think it is petrol proof? Any suggestions....?
  5. Mechanical Advice
    ...and no, that is not the cue for smutty inuendo, thank you! :) I got my Coleman out yesterday ready for my coming run into Italy and was a bit disappointed to find I could not get any pressure. I pulled the plunger out of the chamber and the rubber/neoprene washer seems OK, but is obviously...
  6. Travel
    Anyone got any tips on putting the generator back on these ? The damn thing keeps leaking fuel and if I put on a bit of tape that stops the leak but then it doesn't feed any fuel at all, aaargh ! edit - meh, it's pooped, now :D
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    FOR SALE.... This little stove has a powerful flame and is very easy to use, runs on petrol so is ideal for m/cycle camping. lit three times but not used as yet. £35.00 - - includes P+P. SOLD
  8. Travel
    Also posted on HUBB When using my stove I know that to go from White Gas to Kerosene a change of jet is needed. However, I just bought a kerosene lantern from a sort of bric-a-brac shop but I have no Kerosene. In this case would white gas work just as well or is it too volatile to use in...
  9. Chatter
    If anyone is looking for a new tent I can recommend the Coleman Graphite 3. Quality construction tunnel design, ally poles, large porch area, 3.8kgs and packs small enough to fit in a Zega pannier. The best bit is it's half price at only £75...
1-9 of 9 Results