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  1. M20 Bridge Collapse: Motorway Travel Chaos As Biker Injured

    M20 Bridge Collapse: Motorway Travel Chaos As Biker Injured That's one lucky biker! How the hell can this lorry go down this road and take out this bridge?
  2. Seeing the New Year in with a BANG!

    BBC News - China fireworks truck blast causes highway collapse
  3. Japanese Banking Crisis

    September 2007 NEW YORK (Rooters) - Japanese Banking crisis continues on the back of US Sub Prime collapse. The knock on from the US sub prime market in Japan shows no signs of letting up. In the last 7 days Origami Bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank plans to cutback...
  4. Transande

    I've just got back from escorting a group of journalists on a trek across the Andes in Salta Province, Argentina. We were on sections of the famously treacherous road 'La Cuarenta', detouring off onto dry riverbeds and through tight canyons. We were in 4x4's I'm afraid - it would have been...
  5. Stupid questions

    The recovery dept of my insurance company just rang me up and asked if I knew beforehand that the office building was going to collapse onto my bike. :confused: :confused: :confused: Doesn't fill me with confidence in their ability to recover costs.
  6. BBC Headline "Abbas warns of collapse in Gaza"

    I thought they meant this:
  7. Why you can NEVER EVER trust Government

    I have noticed recently that there is a lot of talk recently on the internet concerning tracking devices fitted to road vehicles, and that a petition has been set up. I voted on that petition and i will tell you why. I lived in the Ukraine and Russia for nearly 3 years i used to work for the...
  8. Never too Old?

    An elderly couple is enjoying an anniversary dinner together in a small tavern. The husband asks his wife, "Do you remember the first time we had sex together over fifty years ago? We went behind this tavern where you leaned against the fence and I made love to you. "Yes," she says, I remember...
  9. Just killed my AT !!!

    Africa Twin
    Well, time is 02:45 amd Ive just spent the last 4 hours in A&E. The AT is dead .... long live the AT!.. Went for a ride last night about 20:00, and was joining the A303, 10 miles from home when this car comes towards me on my side of the road. I have an option .. im doing 30 mph.. do I hit the...
  10. Honda Cub Riders Manual....

    The attached instructions are apparently from a 1962 Honda Cub riders' manual. 1. At the rise of the hand by Policeman, stop rapidly. Do not pass him by or otherwise disrespect him. 2. When a passenger of the foot hooves in sight, tootle the horn trumpet melodiously at first. If...
  11. Side Panels

    Africa Twin
    I have a 97 RD07, and dropped it at the weekend going up a very slippy bridal path . the only damage I did to it was when I picked it up (took an hour) I got it high enough to jam my knee under the side panel while I got a fresh grip. When I eventually got it upright the side panel was flopping...