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  1. CRF1000L rear shock on XRV750 RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hi, did anyone try the rear shock of the CRF1000 on an RD07. First , will it fit dimensionally and how does it behave. I find the CRF rear suspension more comfortable and want to fit the shock on my RD07a. The CRF shock can be found relatively cheap as second hand, and saves the investment in an...
  2. Any Trips Planned for the continent for 2018 summer

    I am new to this forum. I have a honda Transalp 700 2010 model from last year..Enjoying riding it. Getting old so needed a comfortable bike. Any trips planned..please let me know.:rolleyes: Thats my baby
  3. Wanted: Transalp 600 low seat

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I'm looking for a lower seat for my 97 600. Happy to buy or swap for a standard seat. The standard seat is almost ok, but the bike is going to an Uncle of mine (presuming he passes his test next month) who hasn't ridden for years and I'd rather he was fully comfortable on it as he's a...
  4. For Sale: Custom seat XRV 750

    eBay - Africa Twin
    Honda Africa Twin XRV 750 - custom comfortable seat | eBay
  5. New Transalp rider.....

    Hi guys just bought myself a 06, 650 Transalp... my previous bike was a Kawasaki GPZ500 but I'm getting a bit old for the riding position so for the sake of my back,knees and wrists it had to go.. The riding position on the Transalp is much more she is... my new baby....
  6. so i shaved the seat :)

    This is the 1st step :) i tried to sit on SpongeBob :) and it was comfortable even though that i took a lot from the middle
  7. Forma Adventure Boots

    I just took delivery of a new brown pair of Forma Adventure Boots today and i have too say i'm very impressed.I did do quite a bit of research before i bought them and they had good reviews,they are the only boots that i've had that are comfortable straight out of the box,i have no connection...
  8. Searching for a 2001 seat or seat pan

    Hi, I posted this in for sale/wanted too. Does anybody have an old seat or seat pan? I have a bike stored in Ireland, but I'm in California, it's impossible to find any parts newer than '89 over here and I want to have a nice newly covered (comfortable!) seat for this summer. Thanks!
  9. Hard seat

    Used to have a 1999 reg XL1000v a few years ago, and don't remember the seat being anywhere near as uncomfortable as it is on my XL1000va-5. I went out the other day and did about 70 miles or so, and found it really hard going on the nether regions. Anyone got any tips on how to reduce the aches...
  10. For Sale: Airhawk Dual Sport seat cushion.

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD In Ireland but can post. good condition no straps (they are rubbish anyway...) i used my own. Very comfortable in use and essy to set-up. looking for €40
  11. Uncomfortable Fleabay

    I've just put my Transalp on ebay and immediately get lots of E-mails asking 'How much do you want for it'? or 'What's the lowest price'? or 'Would you accept.....'? I'm not sure why, but this kind of thing irritates me. Are they dealers or individuals. They just come over to me as chancers...
  12. aftermarket DR350 parts

    hi, a little cracker of a DR has come up not too many miles away from me. Before i take the plunge i was wondering if there are places out there that do aftermarket bits (tall screen etc) as i'd like to make it a comfortable commuter to be used through the winter :) cheers
  13. Baby Vara?

    I saw one yesterday and I thought it looked really neat with its travel boxes and all. Anyone have any comment on these bikes? They seem ideal with all these mental fuel prices. And big enough to be comfortable on a long trip.... The only bad thing I read was that the engine is "quite spunky"...
  14. 105-year-old motorbike

    Looks as comfortable as the original Africa Twin seat:D 105-year-old 'motorbike' 1906 Indian Camelback could be worth £50k | Mail Online
  15. For Sale: Africa Twin Seat

    For Sale / Wanted
    Got a spare AT seat for sale, came off my 97'. Very comfortable, isn't the original mounting base I don't think, but it fits well. £30 delivered? Cheers
  16. comfortable seating and screen

    hello to everyone 04 TA which I find once over an hour of continuous riding I become quite uncomfortable with and have a severe case of not so numb bum. The problem I am hoping could be alleviated by a more comfortable seat. Any suggestions please. Secondly I am over 6 foot tall and I have a...