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  1. Most common fuel hose ID

    Africa Twin
    Looking to replace all the fuel lines on my RD03 as a couple more leaking a bit nowadays. Rugged roads has 4or5 sizes. What is most common I would need? I plan on buying some bulk lengths. They have 4.5, 5.5, 7.3 and 8mm ID. Mine are so old going to be hard to determine sizes. I know I have used...
  2. 1979 xr250 engine swap question

    Hi all I’ve just picked up a 1979 Xr250 which had been left outside without a spark plug for probably several years. The top end is very rusty, there’s a hole in base of barrel (outside into cam chain chamber) and also quite a bit of play in con rod. These xr’s are not very common over here in...
  3. 1999 XL600V Nissin front brake caliper advice please

    Hi again, Wondering is anyone could guide me on this: I need a new caliper (the one on the right at the front). Can you still get a new one and or do I need to get a used one? If I get a used one, is this part specific to this model Transalp or can I search other (perhaps) more common bikes...
  4. Transalp 700 - How do I get the OE top box off?

    Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen I hope this post finds you all well on this chilliest of evenings! I wonder if anyone can offer any advice on how to remove a top box from a Honda Transalp 700 (2008 reg) please. I've been wielding spanners and allen keys in the garage for an hour and I can't...
  5. RD08 Exhausts

    Dominator / FMX
    Just bought an RD08, really nice to ride and goes well. 99% of it is in good order, however the exhausts (pipe to muffler) are shot. my first peak under the side panels last night revealed a very sorry state of affairs (much disappointment). Been looking around and I cannot decide on a course...
  6. Brake pad reviews

    As with sprocket reviews the common thread here is to buy honda oem parts. However, surely ALL "universal" parts cant be useless otherwise companies would go out of business, no?
  7. Foot pegs for XL700 from other bikes

    Hi I am trying to find a way of adjusting the rider foot pegs position on my XL700. The stock footpegs are in my way when I stop at the traffic light and I want to move the 2-3 cm to the front or to the back. I know that SW-Motech had some pricey kits for the XL700, but are not available...
  8. Vigor 650 engine rebuild tips please.

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi been registered on the forum for a few years as an interested, occasional visitor. However now just bought a rough Vigor for the right money with a view to building a flat tracker / cafe racer. I knew engine was in need of at least a top end rebuild when I bought it, so now just starting...
  9. XL650 V Car rebuild kit (uk/europe)

    Hi, Anyone know where I can get a carb rebuild kit in the uk for my xl650? Something like this HONDA XL600V TRANSALP 600 NEW KEYSTER CARBURETOR MASTER REPAIR KIT KH-1347 | eBay would be perfect. 600 ones seem common, but not 650. Not sure if there is significant difference, but 650 models...
  10. Repeated question i guess - Clutch problem , Neutral

    Ok .. So i have this problem i think it's common but not sure exactly where or what i could be looking for When bike stoping . It's hard to shift to neutral. some how its skipped tried 2nd to Neutral , 1st to Neutral..When engine running it doesn't get to neutral , i have to switch it off...
  11. Siezed Shock Link

    Africa Twin
    Mine is siezed good and proper, at the end that bolts to the frame. It is going to need attacking with extreme prejudice, but before I get the really big hammer out, I need to know if the bolt that attaches the link to the frame is held in place just by the nut on the bolt, or alternatively it...
  12. Backlash in the BRIDGE COMP FORK TOP.

    Africa Twin
    If you hold the handlebars and rocking back and forth is loose in the rubber that sits between. Is this common in XRV? it is possible to replace the rubber?
  13. 1992 africa twin

    Africa Twin
    Help . Fired my old girl up the other day and left her running for half an hour and she chucked her water out ! is this common ? or , has the thermostat broke.
  14. An uncommon common bike CX650

    Other Honda
    Just brought a 1985 CX650 seemingly a quite uncommon version of the CX500 family, only made a few 1000s worldwide for a year or so. Many of those I ride with have BMW r600/750/800 so had to get something different and found this in Cardiff when I was looking for something quite different on the...
  15. Throttle sticking at the carbs

    94 Transalp. Been stood a while and prepping her for winter abuse. Thought it was cables so popped throttle off but even with the cables loose it still stuck on full - after a tug on the return it snaps back. I've oiled the cables plenty - there was oil drippping out at the carb end so it got...
  16. XR600 Choke plate??

    Hello. Bought my first XR today, I got it at a good price as its hard to start in cold weather due to the choke plate being removed. Apparently previous owner removed it as they can break up causing serious problems. After checking google, i see this is a common problem. I did get the bike...
  17. Dead camshaft with less than 3000 miles on the clock!

    Dominator / FMX
    Dead camshaft Got a Vigor here, serviced it and started to use it. 200 miles later and I can hear a tappet opening up, so I adjusted them again and 100 miles later I can hear it again. Pulled off the cam cover and found spalling on both exhaust cam lobes, only a little patch but when viewed...
  18. Transalp 650 Clock not working

    Hi I'm new to this site and was hoping someone may have a wiring diagram for the transalp. My clock stopped working and I haven't found that it was a common problem. Any help appreciated :(
  19. Clutch rattle on side stand

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Yes, I know the clutch rattling is a very common theme, but on mine I hear a god-awful rattle when the bike is on the side stand. When placed upright or slightly right leaning, the sound goes away. The only thing I can think of is the chain driving the oil pump is loose enough to rattle...
  20. Is my Transalp 700 running as it should??

    Hi Everyone, Newbie here so please be kind. I have bought a 2008 alp 700 with 10000 miles on it about 1 month ago. I have put another 1000 miles on it and I am not sure it is running as it should. I am used to smooth Honda inline 4's and this is the first twin I have owned, so I have been...