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  1. Dave's mod?

    Dominator / FMX
    As I fitted a Wiseco hi-comp piston to my Dommie, and I'm considering exhaust options (XR headers, 2 into one, different silencers), I wondered about jetting, and also about 'Dave's mod' which I've seen mentioned a few times here but searches yield nothing. So, can anyone point me to 'Dave's...
  2. Backlash in the BRIDGE COMP FORK TOP.

    Africa Twin
    If you hold the handlebars and rocking back and forth is loose in the rubber that sits between. Is this common in XRV? it is possible to replace the rubber?
  3. 1996 NX650 oil?

    Dominator / FMX
    Guys, I think I mentioned I would be asking lots of questions. Having searched for recommended oil I just want to check something. My bike has done 30k I meant to buy one type of oil. But ended up with Silkolene - Super 4 10W-40 I was supposed to order the Comp 4 version. Any one know in...
  4. Looking for: Countershaft Comp.

    Hi guys, I need some help again. My mechanic says the Countershaft Comp (23220-MN9-641). of my XR600 (1986) is busted. I tried looking online to buy a new one but I can't find any. I would like to ask if is there any website or place that you know where I can order it? Or perhaps you know if the...
  5. Honda xr600 countershaft comp

    Hello mate! can anyone tell where I find XR600 Countershaft Comp parts online? I badly need this parts, can you help me?
  6. transalp 650

    looking for PFKL439370 ARM COMP., GEARSHIFT
  7. Insurance advice required

    I currently have a multibike policy to cover all 4 bikes fully comp incl commuting to a place of work. I'm now in a position where I'm commuting in traffic & could possibly commute by bike. I'm self employed covering varied jobs for other people aswell as doing my own stuff. Now, insurance...
  8. For Sale: 15% off Silkolene Bike Oils - Limited time only

    For Sale / Wanted
    For a limited time only, Opie Oils are giving an additional 15% Off there already discounted Silkolene Bike Oils. To get the additional 15% simply enter voucher code SILKOLENE15 at the Opie Oils checkout. Below are just a few examples of popular Silkolene bike oils with the discount...
  9. Bike Insurance (Footman James Classic) Any advice?

    Just had the biggest laugh of 2014 on the Footman James website - "Classic" bike over 15 years, my 'new' Alp is 18 years old, banzai ! Classic insurance got to be about £100 all-in? My lots-of-bhp Daytona was £157 fully comp, Footman James want £259 for the Alp lol !!!!! Say what? Does that...
  10. mitas tyres

    Anybody run a mitas eo9 front and co2 rear?I have a karoo on the front and tkc on the rearat the moment which are great on dry tarmacbut terrible on the trail.In wet mud they turn intoslicks.I have used vee rubber and kings before but seem hardto come by.Ac10 and comp 111 were my favourite...
  11. For Sale: new unused in original packageing oil pipe (discontinued)

    For Sale / Wanted
    FRAME BODY - DOMINATOR 650 NX NX650P 1993 FRANCE - NX650P - Sale Honda motorcycle spare parts microfiche origin item 3 pipe comp.c,oil 15710-mn9-000 NA £30 delivered
  12. Recommend an insurance company for Honda trailie import please

    Bought a Honda NX4 Falcon trail bike on a bit of a whim, having withdrawal symptoms after selling my old XLV. It's lovely but seem to have problems finding anyone to provide comp or TPFT insurance cover, I know I should have checked this out first, previous imports I've had haven't been a...
  13. insurance confusion?

    afternoon a question for any insurance / legal bods on here. ok, on the 18th of this month i renewed my vara insurance with MCE online. filled all the relevant info in (inc my sp30 endorsement i got 2 yrs ago:rolleyes:) up comes my quote of l40 fully comp. fine i think and pay...
  14. I tune Computer Gurus

    Anyone clueed up on IT here?? Because Im useless OK... I have an old tower comp that is running crap, its over 6 years old, if not more. However my I Tunes is on there, for mine my wifes and my daughters i pods an i phones. I have about 3 days worth of continuous music on there, stuff I have...
  15. BMW, BSA, Honda weird but wunderful

    Other Bikes
    At a local village to me i keep seeing weird and wonderful bikes outside the house but have never had a camera on me to photograph them today i went to a local Land Rover comp and did get chance to see them, usually there is a Ural there aswell in white / grey camoflage but that wasn't there today
  16. Insurance for test ride...

    Hi Guys, I am new one around here and thinking about buying TA soon. Now I have question ...If I go to see bike I like and would like to test drive it this wont be possible because I dont have insurance (fair enough I would not let drive some else my bike without insurance). But what sort of...
  17. Go Pro Camera up for grabs!

    I went in to my local 'technical shop' where I buy my ski gear from and they are running a comp for a Go Pro camera. A lot of my biking buddies have these for track days & touring etc it's free to enter if you fancy your chances. My name is in the hat already :) Anything Technical Ski and...
  18. Insurance again

    Just checked my e-mails and had one there from BIKESURE, it was the renewal schedule for my Gasgas that i sold last year. I phoned them and said i haven't got the bike anymore and didn't want it insured. So i got them to quote me for the Varadero only. Fully comp, to ride other bikes aswell...
  19. I want this!!!

    Actually I'd like one that's more original, but this is the first one I've seen on eBay. Gilera Cx 503 | eBay It's a stroker (which I've always liked) it's Italian (which means it's sexy and potentially unreliable) but it's also pretty unique and funky, and I'd love to have one at the back of...
  20. No claims bonus protected

    I can get my @ insured for 87 quid thats fully comp but no claims bonus etc no breakdown cover no helmet or gear covered etc and my no claims discount is not protected what are your thoughts ie is it worth the gamble? Thx for reading