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    eBay - Varadero
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  2. Bike Insurance

    Dominator / FMX
    Looking for recommendations for an insurance company for my 92 dominator that's going through the standard scrambler/tracker transformation. Are they easy enough to get covered as a custom bike?
  3. Vin build ID

    Africa Twin
    My first Post... I have just aquired an RD 03 vin # RD03 10004xx to keep my crf1000 dct company in the garage. It is 99% original but needs just a little care to make it excellent. Question.. Was this bike an early Japanese domestic build ? It does have a “speed” light and I think Japan...
  4. Parts

    Hi All I've just got myself a 76 XL250 that im hoping to restore, I need a large amount of parts, I understand there's a company over here that is good but is there a main place in the states or is it just a case of looking around ? Thanks in advance Simon
  5. RD07A Front & Rear Hubs

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, I am trying to build up a new set of wheels for my RD07A so I have the old ones and a set of new. The reason being the old set will have road tires and the new set will have 50/50 tires on for an easy swap around when I want to hit the Bush down here in Melbourne and my new wheels will...
  6. Pannier racks and crash bars for 600?

    Hi folks...first post on here, it's probably been done to death so apologies in advance: As a first-time TA owner, I'm after some crash bars and pannier racks (plus panniers eventually) I've seen the usual suspects on Ebay, (Givi, Heed, Hepco & Becker, SW motech) and a couple of eastern...
  7. Rd04 - changing dials from kph to mph and footpegs

    How to.....
    Hi, this may have been covered but I see on ebay that a company do a pretty decent inlay for the speedo/dials for the RD04 anyone ever split these dials open to replace them? Could really do with swapping the KPH to MPH and the dials are faded pretty badly. any advice would be greatly...
  8. Spotted on M8 westbound

    I was coming back along the M8 from Glasgow today about lunchtime and spotted a white zebra-liveried Africa Twin heading in the other direction; it was the same colour scheme as Massive Lee's, and like the one I saw at the Scottish Motorbike Show in 2014. I think it had a big BMW GS for...
  9. Engine options for XL600LM w/ cracked heads

    I definitely want to buy a 650 LM. The only problem is that at around 50,000km, and often even less less, they all suffer from the cracked head syndrome. What are the options? Does Honda sells updated heads? Any other Honda engine will fit in replacement of the 600cc lump? Has a company found...
  10. Fehling crashbars

    I needed a bracket for these engine protection bars(Africa Twin) the one I had was damaged and I couldn't get it to fit so I sent an email to the Fehling in Germany, 4 days later one was delivered free of charge. I have to say I'm really pleased and I thought it might help people know they are...
  11. More a Dolomite Question than Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    I am considering going on a guided escorted motorcycle tour to Austria and the Alps My wife and I have toured many times twice in the states and numerous trips to europe even Slovenia. However my wife can no longer do long trips plus she hates my KTM. Do you know anyone who has been on one of...
  12. This may have some bearing to your bike.

    Hi there, anyone out there rebuilt the rear swing arm bearings and the pivot bearings on their Transalp. I've got a 1999 version and it's just failed the MOT on the pivot bearings. I thought I might as well change all the bearings at the back and give it some paint. Any one know of a company...
  13. Paint shops in Southampton?

    Hi guys, new here! Last year I wanted to respray my bike so i purchased some paint from this company: Honda Custom Mixed Paint I was happy with the paint and all that but I don't really want to order paint online again, it there anywhere anyone knows in Southampton that sells good quality...
  14. xrv750 seat best for comfort

    Africa Twin
    hi, i have a 1994 xrv750 it has touratech seat fitted but i dont find it very comfortable,i find it is pushing me forward and i think it would be more comfortable if i was sitting flat. i have the original seat base which has no foam or cover. has anybody had a seat built by a company or can you...
  15. bed mate

    Well my 2009 trannie has got some company at nights ive had it about 3 weeks and have had nothing but fun riding it, its a MZ 251 ETZ 1989 16000mls ring a ding ding Neil
  16. My new ride!

    Well when i say my new ride i've had it about a month,it's a 12 plate genuine Worldcrosser edition with 4k dry miles on the clock,just need some decent weather to get out on it,it's keeping the A/T company in the garage.:)
  17. 1980 xr500 with only 560km on the clock.

    Hi all, I'm interested in finding out what sort of value my xr500 would realise. My dad bought it new in Dubai and it's basically sat in either my garage or his since then. It runs great and I make a point of running it quite frequently. I really don't know what its value could be although I...
  18. Drunk drivers!

    I was watching t.v. the other night (10.30) when i heard a what sounded like a bomb going off outside my house,i went outside to find my Transit van 20ft further up the road from where i had parked it and a Ford Fiesta at right angles to the road with n/s front ripped off and my van looking like...
  19. 1992 RD04 (misfire) Carb refurb and set-up

    Africa Twin
    Just cannot find the source of the misfire on this bike so going with basics and process of elimination. Having the cdi, coils, leads and caps tested hopefully. Waiting for a friend to come back with contact details. Regarding the carbs. Any of you guys/gals able to point me to a company with a...
  20. Influx Magazine

    Hi guys, Just wanted to quickly let you know about the latest edition of Influx magazine, the motoring mag put together by us here at Bikesure each month. This month we’ve been taking a look at the timeless Harley-Davidson brand and the various custom scenes that have appeared around the...